The four projects are Heimdal Videregående Skole, Torgkvartalet Kjøpsenter, Boligprosjektet Elvebredden and the office project Dora.
“We look forward to realizing four very exciting projects that all are an important contribution in the development of the area they are located in. Through good cooperation with the customers we have also been a part of the development of the projects that range from schools, retail and housing and that are all investment areas for Skanska” says Skanska Bygg Trondheim’s regional director Trond Krogstadmo.
The single largest contract is Hemdal Videregående Skole. The contract with Sør-Trøndelag Fylkeskommune has a value of MNOK 580. The project encompasses a total of 30,500 sqm and the school wants to be finished to the start of term in 2018 and house a total of 1140 students.
Skanska has also signed a contract with Vennatrø Gruppen for the expansion of Torgkvartalet Kjøpsenter in Stjørdal. The existing shopping center will be expanded with three floors and a garage. The expansion encompasses a total of 150,000 sqm and the garage floor will fit 150 parking spots. The contract has a value of MNOK 215 and the project will be finished before November 1st 2017, in time for Vennatrø Gruppen’s 75 year anniversary.
For Ranheimsfæra Utbyggningsselskap, owned to 50 % by Ranheimsfjæra AS and Skanska Norge AS, Skanska will construct the new apartment project Elvebredden. Two blocks will be built with a total of 47 apartments. The selling of the apartments is underway and the first tenants are expected to move in during the summer of 2017.
On Nyhavna in Trondheim Skanska will build a new office building of 7,400 sqm for Dora AS. The contract has a value of MNOK 140. The office project will be certified by Breeam Excellent and when the project is finished in November 2017 they want to house Rambøll business in Trondheim.