Nordea Liv Makes EUR 50M Acquisition

Norway Norway Nordea acquires two properties in Økern from Centiennial Eiendom. The transaction price is MNOK 480 (EUR 50M).


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Nordea Liv acquires Økernveien 119-121 and Eikenga 31-33. The total property value is MNOK 480 (EUR 50M), and Nordea Liv will develop the properties further.
"We want to participate in the positive development in this area and plan to develop the properties," says Investment Director of Property in Nordea Liv, Nils Arne Gundersen.
The properties, which have a total gross area of ​​30,000 square meters, are located on either side of the railroad track at Økern. Økernveien 119-121 has an area of ​​20,000 square meters with office and warehouse. Centennial has owned the property since 1997. Tenants are Bilia Passenger Cars, Nerliens Meszansky, Konsis Eiendom and Voluntary Shooting. Eikenga 31-33 is a combined warehouse and office property of 10,700 square meters. InforCare is a tenant.
”The properties currently have a solid and good cash flow, which gives us the opportunity to plan the development of the properties over time,” says Nils Arne Gundersen.
Sparebank 1 Markets has been the seller's advisor in the process.

Dag-Jørgen Saltnes

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