Four architect firms were invited to compete for drawing the World Ocean Headquarters (WOH) - Snøhetta, 3XN Architects, Reiulf Ramstad Architects and Wingårdhs. The winning proposal is characterized by its shimmering blue exterior and is named The Big Blue.

"How the sky is reflected in the facade glass waves or from which direction the escalating volume of the building is considered will give completely different experiences of the building," says Fredrik Lyth, architect at Wingårdhs.

Covered in flat glass, the façade is a direct greeting to the sea. Just as the surface conceals the riches of the ocean, it is within the blue glass facades that the real assets of the house exist. Research and knowledge.

REV Ocean's new headquarters will be an approximately 60-story high-rise building with space for a number of public areas at different levels. Among other things, there will be a larger meeting center with conference rooms for about 900 people. Place for exhibitions, hotels, cafés and a rooftop restaurant with views of Oslo and Oslofjorden.

The Big Blue protects the sea, while the house is a project that in itself strives to be at the forefront of sustainability, both in terms of construction and energy. The goal of the building is to generate at least as much energy as it consumes.