The American giant Blackstone, through the company DK Resi 2018 Propco III ApS, acquires Den Sønderjyske By, Svalegården og Peter Bangs Hus for DKK 1 billion (EUR 134M).
”It is a special day for Frederiksberg Boligfond. One the one hand it is a feeling of melancholy saying goodbye to three properties that the fund has owned for many years but on the other hand it is a large step into future for the fund,” says Flemming Brank, Chairman of the Board at Frederiksberg Boligfond.
"With the sale, the Board has increased the fund's strategic and financial scope. We have been working on the fund's strategy for a long time, and we can now get it in place.”
"The board can work at the right pace and with economic peace of mind to ensure that the fund is increasingly living up to its purpose, which, in addition to housing rental, also involves promoting residential and residential productive purposes in the Municipality of Frederiksberg.”