NRK to Leave Marienlyst – Could Open Up for 107,000 sqm Housing

Perspective outline based on NRK's proposal for a plan program. Image: A-LAB
Perspective outline based on NRK's proposal for a plan program.

Norway Norway The Norwegian public broadcasting NRK are set to leave their building at Marienlyst in Oslo after more than 80 years. This could open up for 107,000 sqm of new housing in central Oslo.


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NRK has, through close dialogue with the Planning and Building Administration in Oslo, prepared the proposal for a plan program which was presented today for public inspection. The reason for the proposal is that NRK has decided to move from the property which has been NRK's ​​head office for more than 80 years. The buildings at Marienlyst are poorly suited for today's media activities. They are also much larger than NRK needs. There will be considerable environmental benefits in new and efficient premises. Therefore, NRK's ​​Board of Directors has decided that a new head office will be established in the Oslo area.

"There has been a tremendous development in the ways of producing and publishing media content during all the years NRK has been at Marienlyst. We need new, flexible premises that help to develop NRK in line with the goal of being a world-class publisher and content producer," says Director of Broadcasting Thor Gjermund Eriksen.

A new head office will be financed with the re-adjustment and sale of the property at Marienlyst. In NRK's ​​proposed plan program, a housing share of 65 per cent of the land area has been set up. The protected Kringkastingshuset with Store Studio and associated green areas will be preserved and transformed into new use within the limits provided by the conservation.

"From here it has been created and shared large and small moments that have gathered and engaged people in Norway through generations. We have emphasized that the planning program should provide a basis for developing the area with good urban and book qualities, while at the same time safeguarding the cultural-historical values, opening up and making available for far more than is the case today," says Thor Gjermund Eriksen.

A plan alternative has also been created where the housing share amounts to up to 20 per cent of the total land area. The consultation period for both plan options is six weeks from today.

NRK will start sales process in 2019 and search for new location in the Oslo area.

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