The partnership, which has been named HJEM (HOME), will collaborate with fsb primarily in relation to refurbishments and planning, and potentially a number of new buildings. The projects will vary in size from small-scale assignments with a value of SEK 1 million to large-scale projects of up to SEK 700 million. In 2019, projects worth between SEK 700 million and SEK 800 million are expected to be initiated under the framework agreement.

“We are happy and proud to have won the framework agreement with FSB,” says Dennis Nielsen, Director of NCC Refurbishment in Denmark. “All partners have worked hard to make this happen.”

HJEM was chosen in competition with two other pre-qualified teams. The framework agreement covers a period of four years with the possibility of extension for a further two years.

“HJEM has shown an exceptional understanding of what it means to work with public housing,” says Lone Zeeberg Nielsen, Head of Construction and Development at FSB.