In recent months, a recruitment committee has been working to find the right person for the post of CEO of DAB. The committee has had many competent and exciting profiles for conversation, and landed on Ole Jacobsen, municipal director of Frederikssund Municipality. The 52-year-old now coming CEO of DAB has been the municipal director since 2009, and was hired by the municipality as director of growth and education in 2006. He also has experience from the social, school and cultural areas in Helsinge Municipality, so DAB gets a CEO with great knowledge and interesting tools in the backpack.

"It is with great pleasure and humility that I have accepted the challenge as CEO of DAB. After many years in the municipal sector, I am extremely excited to bring my experiences into play in the general housing sector. A sector that, in my perspective, is part of the foundation of the Danish welfare model, and which has plenty of development opportunities," says Ole Jacobsen.

DAB is a relationship company, and good, close collaboration is important in finding the solutions that benefit the 88,000 residents of DAB-managed housing departments the most.

"What I look forward to most is to get to know the many dedicated employees and boards of housing associations and departments," says Ole Jacobsen.

Ole Jacobsen takes over the post after Niels Olsen, who chose to resign after 12 years at the post and 28 years in DAB. Ole Jacobsen's first working day in DAB is August 12, 2019.