It was AP Pension's subsidiary, AP Ejendomme, that ran away with the victory, after a tender round from By & Havn for three residential islands, one commercial island and two land registers on Enghave Brygge in Copenhagen's South Harbor. The tender was launched in late summer last year, and this spring AP Ejendomme was named the winner. Thus, AP Ejendomme can look forward to having to build up to 1,000 homes on the last housing islands in Copenhagen's South Harbor. The many homes are distributed over a built area of just over 97,000 square meters. Of this, public housing will make up 23,690 square metres.


Adm. Director of By & Havn, Anne Skovbro, is pleased that the completion of the entire harbor section can now begin.

"Enghave Brygge is the last area that needs to be fully developed in Copenhagen's South Harbour, and with this great project, the entire stretch of the harbor will be completed in the best possible way with high sustainability ambitions and a nice architectural expression. And then it will become a real Copenhagen neighborhood with canals, a bathing area, green and recreational areas and both business, owner-occupied and rental housing, including more than 25 percent public housing."


With the sale of Enghave Brygge, By & Havn sets a sales record and this is due to, among other things, the area's location and the great interest there has been in bidding in the process, but having said that, the highest price has not been decisive for the choice of the AP property.


Anne Skovbro says:

"We have had a strong focus on our great wishes for architectural expression, sustainability and CO2 consumption. And on that basis, we are happy to be able to say that with the choice of AP and their strong setup, we can guarantee that we will get a really nice and coherent Copenhagen quarter with canals, green areas and recreational areas, where the ambitions for sustainability and CO2 reduction are thought into all processes."


Adm. director of AP Ejendomme, Peter Olsson, is happy that AP Ejendomme won the tender.

"Since we started working on this project, we have been convinced that it is the right investment opportunity for us. Among other things, the project has one of the best locations in Copenhagen, where you are close to the center and have access directly to the harbor run in Copenhagen's inner harbor. At the same time, you have a metro station that will open during the summer of this year. In our view, it is difficult to find some areas in Copenhagen that have approximately the same prominent location. At the same time, there is an enormous great interest in living comfortably and centrally in the capital. That is why we are of course extremely happy that By & Havn chose our project in the tendering competition."


One of the reasons why AP Ejendomme has won the tender is, among other things, due to the company's strong focus on the homes contributing as much as possible to the green transition within construction. This is evident, among other things, in the company's ambition to certify the project's construction sites.

"AP Ejendomme has an ambition for all construction sites in the area to be certified to DGNB Platinum level. At the same time, we aim for the construction to meet the CO2 proposal from the Reduction Roadmap, which we joined in 2023. In the project, emphasis will also be placed on social sustainability. The public housing is brought forward and built as part of the first stage of the project. Just as it will be prioritized that there will be a quantity of smaller housing, which can thus support the need for access to housing for everyone in Copenhagen."


Peter Olsson also states that AP Ejendomme is working with the architects Cobe, Dorthe Mandrup, JAJA Architects and Vandkunsten in the project.

Nordanö acted as sole financial adviser to By & Havn