Increased focus on project development and Asset Management means that ATP Ejendomme will expand its investment department from May this year, with the appointment of André Scharf as investment director responsible for the development of the Asset Management function as well as foreign investment. He also becomes part of the Executive Board.

With the prospect of sharply increased project development activity in the portfolio, ATP Ejendomme has hired 40-year-old André Scharf as investment director. He will work closely with Kenneth Olsson, current investment director at ATP Properties, to ensure a strong focus on investment and the development of existing properties and unused building rights.

André Scharf is responsible for the development of the Asset Management function as well as foreign investment, while Kenneth Olsson is responsible for transactions and project development in Denmark.

“The growth in the development portfolio means that we need to expand the organization. With the employment of André Scharf, who has experience in real estate investments both at home and abroad, we strengthen our focus on both Asset Management and project development, which will fill much in the future. We are building a robust organization for the tasks we face," says Martin Vang Hansen, Managing Director of ATP Real Estate.

“We must develop projects for around DKK 10 billion. kroner and it will require full attention. That is why I am delighted that André has come on board to run ATP Property's commercial activities in collaboration with me," says Kenneth Olsson.

André Scharf comes from a position as director of Danica Real Estate Company, where he has been employed for the past eight years.

“I look forward to becoming part of a strong team in ATP Properties. Through the work on active ownership of the individual property and execution on growing ambitions in relation to climate and sustainability, we must create a long-term robust and responsible return for ATP's members," says André Scharf.

He joins the Executive Board, which today consists of ATP Properties CEO Martin Vang Hansen, Investment Director Kenneth Olsson and Property Management Director Christian Hartmann, and has his first day at ATP Properties on Monday, May 4, 2020.