On the basis of advice from the expert group of Statens Serum Institut (SSI) as well as the economic expert group, the parties in the Danish parliament have agree on phase 2 of the reopening. In week 20, the expert group under SSI will make updated calculations. If the prerequisites for the second phase of reopening change as a result, it is discussed between the parties.

The Danes have complied with the authorities' guidelines on distance, hygiene, et cetera. Therefore, it is now possible to continue the gradual opening of Denmark.

In addition, the reopening rests on five elements:

# An offensive testing strategy with testing in both a health track and a community track, infection detection and isolation of infected. Representative testing of the population is carried out at fixed time intervals and on the basis of a clear plan.

# Use of protective equipment, including to protect the vulnerable groups

# Physical distance guidelines by health authorities

# Health authorities guidelines on good hygiene

# Avoid super-proliferation

The individual company covered by phase 2 may consider that it is not appropriate to open up. In this situation, a company that has previously been subject to a ban and has therefore been closed can choose to continue to be closed and will then receive up to 80 percent in compensation for fixed expenses. The parties agree to discuss phasing out the temporary relief packages in line with the controlled reopening of the economy. On the basis of a proposal from an expert group, the Government will invite discussions on this.

Against this background, the Parties agree to initiate the following initiatives in Phase 2:

Full retail opening (May 11)
Retail - including major centers - can reopen under the guidelines agreed in the sector partnership - 'Guidelines on responsible design of sample goods stores in retail, etc. in light of the outbreak of COVID-19'.

Restaurant and cafés commences (May 18)
Restaurants, cafes and the like. can serve under more detailed guidelines including regarding opening hours, physical distance, etc.