PFA adds a wide range of European data centers to the portfolio. This is done with a purchase of 20 percent of the data center platform DATA4, which finances, designs, builds and operates data centers in several locations in Europe.

“An important part of our investment strategy is to increase our foreign real estate investments, focusing on international megatrends. And here, this investment fits perfectly. With the investment, we can gain further exposure to technological development and increasing data generation through data center ownership. The market for data centers is generally characterized by the supply being unable to keep up with the rapidly increasing demand, which is why we also expect the investment to yield attractive returns to our customers,” says Michael Bruhn, Head of Real Estate.

The DATA4 platform operates 19 data centers distributed in France, Italy, Luxembourg and Spain with a total capacity of 85,000 sqm net technical area and 204 MW available power.

“With this investment, we are helping to realize the vision of placing DATA4 among Europe's leading data center platforms. DATA4 has the highest quality data centers that are certified in both ESG, security and operational stability. At the same time, as a responsible investor, we attach great importance to the fact that DATA4 has a significant climate focus. implies that all the energy used in the data centers comes exclusively from renewable energy sources,” says Michael Bruhn.

With the investment, PFA is expanding its data center investments, which already count investments in data centers in Asia, Europe and the US.