Raffinaderiet 3 is located between Posthornet 1 and Raffinaderiet 5, on the west side of Lund Central Station. It comprises an older property of 4,900 sqm that currently houses a mix of businesses. Starting in the beginning of 2021, when the existing tenants have vacated, Wihlborgs will commence upgrading the property into ultra-modern offices. Moreover, a new building with 900 sqm of offices will be added and connected to the existing property. On project completion, the property will encompass 5,800 sqm of modern, environmentally certified office space.

“At present, we have no vacant office space in central Lund. We are currently preparing the careful development of a historic property of considerable architectural and heritage value, where we can create new, attractive office premises directly adjacent to Lund Central Station,” says Ulrika Hallengren, CEO of Wihlborgs.

Wihlborgs’ most recent office project in Lund is Raffinaderiet 5 (Sockerbiten), completed in 2019, which encompasses 1,900 sqm and has tenants including LKP, Safeture and Tyréns. Posthornet 1 encompasses 11 000 sqm and was completed in 2018 with Folktandvården Skåne as the largest tenant occupying 4,900 sqm. All office space at Raffinaderiet 5 and Posthornet 1 is let. 

Wihlborgs also has development prospects in the Posthornet block. A new detailed development plan permits the new construction of an additional 10,000 sqm of office space.

“The development of Raffinaderiet 3 comprises the first stage, but we are also preparing for the next phase for Posthornet to be ready when market conditions are right. Even with the extraordinary prevailing circumstances, we firmly believe that moving forward there will be continued demand for central office premises close to transport links,” says Ulrika Hallengren.