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Wihlborgs Sells Housing Development Rights in Malmö

Sweden Sweden — Wihlborgs has signed an agreement for the sale of the Torrdockan 7 property in Malmö with planning permission for around 170 homes and 700 sqm of commercial space.

Wihlborgs Plans to Continue Development – Fully Let in Central Lund

Sweden Sweden — Wihlborgs is planning to continue development around Lund Central Station. Following the successful projects at Posthornet 1 and Raffinaderiet 5 (Sockerbiten), the development of Raffinaderiet 3 is now being started.

Wihlborgs’ CEO: Possible Office Trends Post Covid-19

Sweden Sweden — Ulrika Hallengren, CEO of Wihlborgs, on the differences between Sweden and Denmark during the pandemic, how to act in difficult times and whether digital meetings and coworking will grow, going forward.

Wihlborgs Leasing to Fortnox in Central Malmö

Sweden Sweden — Fortnox AB has signed a lease with Wihlborgs for 1,050 square meters of office space at the Sparven 15 premises in the City of Malmö.

Wihlborgs Lets Property in Malmö

Sweden Sweden — Wihlborgs has signed agreements with two new tenants for of 1,000 square meters of office space and 3,600 square meters of storage at Flygledaren 9 in Bulltofta in Malmö.

Wihlborgs Expands Letting to Danish Armed Forces

Denmark Denmark — Wihlborgs has signed a new lease with the Danish armed forces for an expansion of 4,600 sqm.

Wihlborgs Signs New Lease in Malmö

Sweden Sweden — Wihlborgs has signed a lease with Bevego for a new 1,200 square meters production facility in Fosie, Malmö.

Wihlborgs Lets 7,700 Square Meters to Saint Gobain

Denmark Denmark — Wihlborgs has signed a ten-year lease with the building material supplier Saint Gobain in Denmark.

Wihlborgs’ Keys for Success in a 'Flat' Rental Market

Denmark Denmark — The Danish rental market level is described as flat. How will Wihlborgs manage to increase the rental income in Denmark? Ulrika Hallengren, CEO: “We cannot expect higher rents by doing nothing.”

Wihlborgs Appoints Director of Sustainable Business

Sweden Sweden — Wihlborgs applies a long-term approach to continuously develop in a sustainable direction and has now formed the business area Sustainable Business with representation in the Group Management.

Wihlborgs Recruits from Skanska

Sweden Sweden — Wihlborgs has appointed Magnus Lambertsson as the new Regional Director in Helsingborg. Lambertsson has extensive property sector experience focusing on both sales and property management.

Wihlborgs Acquires Office Building from Icelandic Company

Denmark Denmark — On 1 January 2020, Wihlborgs acquired the Banemarksvej 50 office building in Brøndby, encompassing 19,500 square meters of lettable area.

Wihlborgs Divests Residential Property in Hillerød

Denmark Denmark — Wihlborgs divested the Munkeengen 4–20 property in Hillerød.

Wihlborgs to Let New Build at Medeon in Malmö

Sweden Sweden — Wihlborgs has signed an agreement with Galenica for 2,640 square meters at the property under construction at Medeon Science Park in Malmö, Sweden, with occupancy scheduled for 1 October 2020.

Wihlborgs Lets a Further 25,000 Square Meters in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — Wihlborgs has signed leases for a total of 25,000 square meters with tenants moving to new Wihlborgs premises in the autumn. The combined rental value of the agreements is slightly more than DKK 19 million.

How Wihlborgs Will Become the Best in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — Swedish real estate giant Wihlborgs' CEO Ulrika Hallengren tells Nordic Property News about the importance of collaboration with other investors in Denmark and Sweden and whether it is important to be the biggest property owner in Copenhagen.

Wihlborgs Sells Fully Let Property for SEK 720 Million

Sweden Sweden — Wihlborgs has signed an agreement to sell Gängtappen 1 in Dockan to Länsförsäkringar Skåne’s property company, Länshem Skåne. The sale will make it possible for Länsförsäkringar Skåne to gradually move its headquarters from Helsingborg to Dockan in Malmö.

Wihlborgs Purchases from ATP Ejendomme

Denmark Denmark — On 1 July, Wihlborgs acquired the Hørkær 12 property in Herlev and the Brydehusvej 30 property in Ballerup, a total of 17,000 square meters.

The Real Estate Giant's Investment Plans for Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — The Swedish listed real estate company Wihlborgs' CEO Ulrika Hallengren explains what is required to continue to grow in Denmark and why Sweden is a more favorable market.

Wihlborgs Divests in Lund

Sweden Sweden — Wihlborgs signed an agreement to sell the Landsdomaren 6 property in Lund encompassing a total of 27,500 sqm of lettable area to Intea for SEK 1.4 billion (EUR 133M).

Wihlborgs Completes Major Acquisition in Helsingborg

Sweden Sweden — Wihlborgs has completed another major acquisition through the purchase of the property known as Tretornfabriken in central Helsingborg encompassing a total lettable area of 51,000 sqm.

Wihlborgs Leases 8,200 sqm to the City of Malmö

Sweden Sweden — The City of Malmö has signed a ten-year lease with Wihlborgs for 8,200 sqm in central Malmö for the medical, health and social care administration (HVO).

Wihlborgs Divests in Denmark

Denmark Denmark — Wihlborgs has signed an agreement to sell two properties in Copenhagen totalling 17,400 sqm to Viscop Ejendomsselskab, a part of Copi Group and Vision Properties.

Wihlborgs Makes Major Acquisition in Lund

Sweden Sweden — Wihlborgs acquires two office properties in Lund from Vasakronan for SEK 1.26 billion (EUR 120M).

The Vision: Artificial Islands with 12,000 Workplaces

Denmark Denmark — The real estate giant comments on the Danish government's grand vision of the future south of Copenhagen – artificial islands. "Exciting development project".