· Arvid Liepe, Chief Financial Officer, and Andreas Ivarsson, Director of Projects & Developments, will be appointed as Deputy CEOs.

· The purchasing department is being transferred to the projects and developments department.

· A new position of market developer is being established, which will also be included in the projects and developments department. The position will be filled by the current Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Mia Rolf, which also means that Group Management will lose one function.


Wihlborgs has considerable project operations with many ongoing investments and future development rights. By organising the purchasing department into the projects and developments department, Wihlborgs wants to strengthen the preconditions for close collaboration in this important division.


The newly established role of market developer is the result of a growing need to work business-centric and with close relationships to important stakeholders in cities, regions and business in various markets. Mia Rolf has previously held the role of CEO of Ideon Science Park and has a background in entrepreneurship, business and brand development, and digitalisation in senior roles at Swedish and international companies as well as start-ups.

“At Wihlborgs, we are continually implementing small operational changes to become even better and to adapt to prevailing needs. This organisational change will provide us with greater traction for our purchasing efforts, clarify the Director of Projects & Development as a central function using the entire company as a workforce, and increase focus on market processing, regional development and our investments in innovation clusters,” says Ulrika Hallengren, CEO of Wihlborgs.