Wihlborgs acquires office property from Schroders Capital

Sweden Sweden — Schroders Capital’s real estate team today announces the sale of Värdshuset 2, an iconic 3,900 sqm office property located on top of Hyllie train station in Malmö, to Wihlborgs.

Wihlborgs acquires office property at Hyllie station

Sweden Sweden — Wihlborgs has acquired the Värdshuset 2 property above Hyllie station in Malmö, with a direct connection to Malmö Arena and the Emporia shopping centre. The property, with its smaller office premises, will become an important complement to Wihlborgs’ existing offering in the area.

Mixed signals in the Wihlborgs office market

Nordic — Regardless of what happens next, Wihlborgs must be ready, says CEO Ulrika Hallengren at the presentation of the first quarterly report. The company, which this year celebrates 100 years, can also look forward to a record start in 2024, while still keeping its foot lightly on the brake.

Wihlborgs lets 4,800 sqm in Lund

Sweden Sweden — Wihlborgs has signed leases with two companies for a total of 3,800 square metres at Cube (Nya Vattentornet 4) on Mobilvägen in Lund. A public sector tenant will move in to 1,000 square metres in the neighbouring property Bricks (Nya Vattentornet 3).

Wihlborgs set to buy property from the city of Malmö

Sweden Sweden — The Galoppen 1 property near Jägersro's race track was previously supposed to be assigned to Sagax, but now it is instead Wihlborgs who are close to buying the plot from the city of Malmö. The future tenant of the site is so far unknown, but it is reportedly a Nordic operator that is part of a global group. Nordic Property News reveals more about the upcoming transaction.

Anneli Jansson proposed as new board member of Wihlborgs

Sweden Sweden — Anneli Jansson, CEO of Humlegården Fastigheter, is proposed as a new member of Wihlborgs Fastigheter's board ahead of the annual general meeting in April.

Ulrika Hallengren: "Proximity to the market is crucial"

Nordic — The end of 2023 was a fairly active period for Wihlborgs, with a record high value of newly signed leases during the fourth quarter. The company also had large redundancies but also a positive net rental in the quarter. On Tuesday morning, Ulrika Hallengren, CEO of Wihlborgs, had to present a financial statement that contains both highs and lows. "It has been a period of major changes."

Wihlborgs implements Group Management changes

Nordic — With the aim of increasing operational traction and formally clarifying existing working methods, Wihlborgs is implementing minor changes to its organisation. The changes include the appointment of the Chief Financial Officer and Director of Projects & Developments as Deputy CEOs as well as the establishment of a new business-oriented role, which entails a decrease in the members of Group Management.

Wihlborgs signs new lease in Helsingborg

Sweden Sweden — In the fall autumn of 2024, AWAKE Djursjukhus (a veterinary hospital) will open in the former post sorting centre (Posten 1) in Gåsebäck in southern Helsingborg. The high demand for qualified veterinary care is the reason for the expansion. The lease is for 2,000 square metres and extends for 15 years.

Wihlborgs lets 62,000 sqm in Høje-Taastrup

Denmark Denmark — Wihlborgs has signed a ten-year lease with one of Denmark’s largest companies for 62,000 square metres at the Girostrøget 1 property in Høje-Taastrup. The lease enters force on 1 May 2024 and the property will be extensively modernised during the lease term.

Wihlborgs secures new tenant to Börshuset in Malmö

Sweden Sweden — Malmö-based conference operator High Court will conduct restaurant, conference and co-working operations at Malmö Börshus (Börshuset 1) when the building opens its doors in 2025 after comprehensive renovation work.

Wihlborgs to build new school north of Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — Wihlborgs will build a new school for the privately owned Nordsjællands Grundskole & Gymnasium (NGG) in Hørsholm, north of Copenhagen, with room for 1,500 students and employees.

Wihlborgs signs lease agreement with Mercedes-Benz

Sweden Sweden — When Wihlborgs’ Vista office building is complete at the end of 2025, Mercedes-Benz Sverige and Mercedes-Benz Finans Sverige will move in to a total of 2,100 sqm.

Wihlborgs signs new lease in Helsingborg

Sweden Sweden — Wihlborgs signs agreement with Nowaste Logistics for 6,900 sqm in Helsingborg.

Wihlborgs to construct building for Malmö University

Sweden Sweden — Wihlborgs has won the assignment from Malmö University to, in consultation with the university and the City of Malmö, design and construct buildings at the Malmö Amphitrite 1 property, to be leased in the future by the university.

Wihlborgs signs new leases in Helsingborg

Sweden Sweden — On 1 November, the growing Helsingborg company Svensk Foodservice is moving to Rubinen 1 in Väla södra in Helsingborg. At the same time, the produce company GGB Fruit is moving to the same property, which means that total lettings at the property amount to approximately 2,400 square metres.

Wihlborgs makes changes in nomination committee

Sweden Sweden — Länsförsäkringar Fondförvaltning appoints Johannes Wingborg as a member of the Nomination Committee for the Wihlborgs' 2024 AGM.

Wihlborgs adds office building to Copenhagen portfolio

Denmark Denmark — Wihlborgs has acquired the Klædemålet 9, København Ø property, of 3 900 sqm, which is located adjacent to Wihlborg’s existing properties Lersø Parkallé 103-105 and 107.

Wihlborgs adds building to warehouse property

Sweden Sweden — At the Grustaget 1 property in Väla södra, Wihlborgs is constructing a new building of 1,300 square metres for the machine rental company Renta, which is currently co-locating its operations in Helsingborg. The lease is for seven years.

Wihlborgs Signs Long Lease with Region Skåne

Sweden Sweden — Wihlborgs is set to construct a warehouse for Region Skåne in the Malmö area with occupancy in early 2025. The lease term is 20 years.

Wihlborgs Builds Facility for Industrial Company in Helsingborg

Sweden Sweden — Wihlborgs has signed an agreement with the industrial company Rollco for construction of a new 3,600 m² facility at Snårskogen 5 in Väla Norra. The facility is set for completion in summer 2024 with an initial ten-year lease.

Ulrika Hallengren on Wihlborg's Record-breaking 2022 – and the Goals Ahead

Sweden Sweden — While most other reporting companies are reducing or canceling the dividend altogether, Wihlborgs announces a slight increase in connection with the financial statements that were presented on Tuesday. The company also makes a very small write-down on its properties, only -16 million SEK. CEO Ulrika Hallengren tells Nordic Property News about the company's strong performance in 2022 and how best to tackle the transaction market in 2023.

Wihlborgs Signs Lease with BTJ at Ideon in Lund

Sweden Sweden — The media company BTJ Sverige will be moving to the Wihlborgs property Cube (Nya Vattentornet 4) at Ideon in Lund in September 2023.

Wihlborgs in Lease Agreement with Media Company

Sweden Sweden — The media company BTJ Sverige will be moving to the Wihlborgs property Cube (Nya Vattentornet 4) at Ideon in Lund in September 2023.

Wihlborgs Signs New Lease in Helsingborg

Sweden Sweden — Wihlborgs has signed an agreement with Springhill Textile AB for 6,400 sqm in the state-of-the-art logistics facility that will be constructed at Plåtförädlingen 15, close to the harbour in southern Helsingborg.