Wihlborgs Acquires Office and Warehouse Property in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — Wihlborgs has signed an agreement for the acquisition of the Industriparken 21 property in Ballerup, Copenhagen, with a lettable area of 10,200 sqm.

Wihlborgs Updates Prospectus for MTN-program

Sweden Sweden — Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB publishes the updated prospectus for its MTN-program with a program size of SEK 4,000 m.

Why Copenhagen Could Become Even More Attractive

Denmark Denmark — Copenhagen is already an important city Wihlborgs. As the distance to Hamburg decreases Copenhagen’s position can become even more favorable. CEO Ulrika Hallengren gives her view on Wihlborgs' future in Copenhagen.

Peter Olsson Appointed Regional Director in Malmö at Wihlborgs

Sweden Sweden — Peter Olsson, who is currently Property Director at Wihlborgs, will become the new Regional Director in Malmö. Olsson has extensive experience from the property sector, of which the past four years have been spent at Wihlborgs.

Wihlborgs Lets 2,000 Square Meters in Central Helsingborg

Sweden Sweden — Wihlborgs has signed a lease with a new tenant for 2,000 sq m at Hermes 10 in central Helsingborg. At the same time, work is ongoing with the creation of a clearer identity for the property.

Wihlborgs Builds New Facility for Beckhoff Sweden in Malmö

Sweden Sweden — Wihlborgs has signed an agreement with Beckhoff Automation AB for a new 1,800 sqm office building for Beckhoff’s Swedish headquarters in Fosie, Malmö.

Wihlborgs to Begin Construction of Kvartetten in Hyllie

Sweden Sweden — Wihlborgs is set to start construction on the next office project in Hyllie – Kvartetten (Pulpeten 5). 16,000 sqm of modern office premises with a focus on people and the environment will be created a stone’s throw away from Hyllie station.

Wihlborgs Signs Leases in Helsingborg

Sweden Sweden — Wihlborgs has just signed two major agreements in southern Helsingborg. Lucu Food is opening a 3,000 square meters grocery store on Landskronavägen and Medea AB is occupying 4,000 square meters in Ättekulla.

Wihlborgs About to Expand Its Operations in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — CEO Ulrika Hallengren: ”More and more projects in Denmark.”

Wihlborgs' CEO: ”We Are Noticing Some Differences”

Sweden Sweden — Ulrika Hallengren, CEO of Wihlborgs, on how the pandemic has affected the tenants, how the Danish and Swedish measures differ, and why it is almost business as usual for the company.

Wihlborgs Makes Danish Acquisition

Denmark Denmark — Wihlborgs has acquired Baldersbuen 5 in Hedehusene, Denmark.

Wihlborgs Sells Properties in Outer Malmö to Blackstone Company

Sweden Sweden — Yesterday Wihlborgs signed an agreement to sell 21 properties in Malmö encompassing a total of 124,000 sqm to Mileway.

Wihlborgs to Expand Group Management

Sweden Sweden — From 1 September, Wihlborgs’ Group Management will expand with the addition of regional directors Magnus Lambertsson, Magnus Prochéus and Maria Ivarsson.

Wihlborgs Signs Lease with IT Company in Malmö

Sweden Sweden — ACNR Cyber Technology has signed a lease with Wihlborgs for 3,700 sqm in Malmö.

Wihlborgs Sells Housing Development Rights in Malmö

Sweden Sweden — Wihlborgs has signed an agreement for the sale of the Torrdockan 7 property in Malmö with planning permission for around 170 homes and 700 sqm of commercial space.

Wihlborgs Signs Lease with Region Skåne in Dockan

Sweden Sweden — Wihlborgs has signed a 15-year lease with Region Skåne for 3,700 square meters at Kranen 2 in Malmö. The lease was signed after Wihlborgs won a tender subject to the Swedish Public Procurement Act.

Wihlborgs Plans to Continue Development – Fully Let in Central Lund

Sweden Sweden — Wihlborgs is planning to continue development around Lund Central Station. Following the successful projects at Posthornet 1 and Raffinaderiet 5 (Sockerbiten), the development of Raffinaderiet 3 is now being started.

Wihlborgs’ CEO: Possible Office Trends Post Covid-19

Sweden Sweden — Ulrika Hallengren, CEO of Wihlborgs, on the differences between Sweden and Denmark during the pandemic, how to act in difficult times and whether digital meetings and coworking will grow, going forward.

Wihlborgs Leasing to Fortnox in Central Malmö

Sweden Sweden — Fortnox AB has signed a lease with Wihlborgs for 1,050 square meters of office space at the Sparven 15 premises in the City of Malmö.

Wihlborgs Lets Property in Malmö

Sweden Sweden — Wihlborgs has signed agreements with two new tenants for of 1,000 square meters of office space and 3,600 square meters of storage at Flygledaren 9 in Bulltofta in Malmö.

Wihlborgs Expands Letting to Danish Armed Forces

Denmark Denmark — Wihlborgs has signed a new lease with the Danish armed forces for an expansion of 4,600 sqm.

Wihlborgs Signs New Lease in Malmö

Sweden Sweden — Wihlborgs has signed a lease with Bevego for a new 1,200 square meters production facility in Fosie, Malmö.

Wihlborgs Lets 7,700 Square Meters to Saint Gobain

Denmark Denmark — Wihlborgs has signed a ten-year lease with the building material supplier Saint Gobain in Denmark.

Wihlborgs’ Keys for Success in a 'Flat' Rental Market

Denmark Denmark — The Danish rental market level is described as flat. How will Wihlborgs manage to increase the rental income in Denmark? Ulrika Hallengren, CEO: “We cannot expect higher rents by doing nothing.”

Wihlborgs Appoints Director of Sustainable Business

Sweden Sweden — Wihlborgs applies a long-term approach to continuously develop in a sustainable direction and has now formed the business area Sustainable Business with representation in the Group Management.