The office building was acquired for DKK 54 million, with the transfer scheduled for 1 July 2022. The lettable area is 3,600 square metres.

Bispebjerg Hospital (child and youth psychiatry) currently utilises 1,100 square metres of the building. The remaining space is leased by an office hotel that will vacate the premises in the near future. Following that, Wihlborgs will begin a renovation for the purpose of offering new tenants modern and flexible office premises as well as to improve the operation and energy rating of the property.

The property is adjacent to Lersø Parkalle 103–105, a neighbouring Wihlborgs property.

“The high initial occupancy means we will have good preconditions for planning for the continued development of the property. There is considerable demand for functional offices near the centre of Copenhagen that we are keen on meeting,” says Ulrika Hallengren, CEO of Wihlborgs.