Gasklockan 4 will be a landmark, which will be visible from many places around Stockholm. It is important that the house is built with a high architectural ambition, which can withstand international comparisons.

Norra Djurgårdsstaden, which includes Gasklockan 3 and 4, is an urban development area adapted to future climate change where biodiversity and ecological values ​​are preserved. The area is resource-poor and has a low environmental impact. Therefore, a number of sustainability requirements will be placed on future construction players, who in collaboration with the city meet high sustainability goals.

The plot is located on a hill, between the newly built houses and the cultural-historical brick buildings in the Gasworks. Nearly a hundred years of gas production have contaminated the soil, therefore extensive soil remediation has been carried out on site. Any remaining contamination needs to be dealt with in connection with blasting for foundation.

The city expects to allocate Gasklockan 3 and 4 to a building operator during the autumn. There is a building right according to the detailed plan that has gained legal force and access can take place as soon as an agreement on exploitation has taken place. Construction can start no earlier than the end of 2022.