Kari Due-Andresen has a background from Norges Bank, Norway’s central bank, as a Senior Advisor on macroecomics and monetary policy analysis. Due-Andresen was a financial analyst at DNB Markets and a research assistant at The Department of Economics at The University of Oslo (UiO). She holds a master’s degree in Economics from UiO and is a Master of Business Studies from NHH Norwegian School of Economics.

Akershus Eiendom is a leading commercial real estate broker and advisor in Norway. Established in 1992, the company is a trusted advisor in real estate analysis, valuation, transactions, tenant representation and leasing.

"Kari Due-Andresen is one of Norway’s most able and widely recognized Chief Economists, and we are delighted she has accepted the position at Akershus Eiendom. With Due-Andresen on board, we aim to raise our analytical expertise to a new level", says Petter Nylend, CEO at Akershus Eiendom.

"I became familiar with Akershus Eiendom while working at Handelsbanken, and have always had a favorable impression of the company and its people. I am eager to further develop Akershus Eiendom’s analytical capabilities, and to integrate macroecomics into our research coverage. I look forward to becoming a part of the company, and believe we can make great progress together", says Kari Due-Andresen.

Ragnar Eggen began at Akershus Eiendom in 2002, and became Chief Analyst in 2007. He is broadly recognized by the Norwegian industry as a pioneer of real estate analysis.

"Ragnar Eggen has been a crucial contributor to Akershus Eiendoms’s exciting journey. We would like to thank him for this profound contribution, while we also recognize his wish to step down after so many years of commuting to his family in Trondheim. We are grateful that Ragnar will stay on as co-owner and still share from his considerable insights", concludes Petter Nylend.