Income for the period January–June 2021 totalled MSEK 2,936 (2,999).

Income from property management amounted to MSEK 1,615 (1,689), equivalent to SEK 5.88 (6.18) per share – a decrease of 5%.

Changes in value on properties amounted to MSEK 3,122 (418) and on derivatives to MSEK 117 (–209).

Net income for the period amounted to MSEK 5,550 (1,534), corresponding to SEK 20.20 (5.62) per share.

Long-term net reinstatement value (EPRA NRV) amounted to SEK 227 per share (199), an increase of 14%.

Net investments amounted to MSEK –8,986 (1,378) of which MSEK 335 (292) pertained to acquisitions, MSEK 1,679 (1,205) to new construction, extensions and reconstructions, and MSEK 11,000 (119) to sales.

Net lettings for the period were MSEK 66 (200).


CEO Henrik Saxborn:

“We have had one of the strongest half-year earnings in the company’s history. Moreover, investments during the year have consolidated Castellum’s position as a Nordic platform and made the company an interesting investment option in offices and logistics in the Nordic region. We have both the competence and financial capacity for growth moving forward, and contribute to risk diversification, sustainability and a high degree of liquidity in an international property portfolio,” says Henrik Saxborn, CEO of Castellum AB.