The purchase price consists of SEK 84,788,171 in cash and 285,990 new B shares in Trianon. The Board of Directors of Trianon has thus, with the support of the authorization of the Annual General Meeting, decided to issue 285,990 new Class B shares, at a subscription price of SEK 210 per share.


Following the acquisition, Trianon holds 16,015,485 Class B shares in Signatur Fastigheter, corresponding to approximately 45.8 percent of the number of shares and 45.7 percent of the number of votes.

The limit for mandatory bidding has thus been exceeded. This means that Trianon must submit a public takeover bid for the remaining shares in Signatur Fastigheter within four weeks, unless Trianon's shareholding in Signatur Fastigheter is reduced so that it no longer corresponds to 30 percent or more.


During the past six months, Trianon has not purchased any shares in Signatur Fastigheter at a higher price than the purchase price in the above-mentioned acquisition.


Olof Andersson, CEO Trianon, comments:

“Signatur Fastigheter is a well-run company with a focus on residential and community properties and which mainly operates in the same geographical market as Trianon. Following Signatur Fastigheter's most recent acquisitions, their property value amounts to approximately SEK 1.5 billion. Through this acquisition, we increase - with an unchanged financial position - our share to approximately 46 percent and thus also our earning capacity per share after the new issue of Class B shares. ”