Arlandastad Group has since 2008 until the turn of the year created value added of 3.9 billion and today has a balance sheet total of just over 6 billion. In the existing project portfolio, which has a potential value of approximately SEK 30 billion, the company estimates to create approximately SEK 5–7 billion in value added over time, through organic growth alone.
- Even though we still have significant processing potential in Arlandastad, we have for some time intended to broaden our operations geographically with new strategic real estate projects where we identify a large processing potential. Throughout the year, our own organization has built up solid knowledge which, together with SBB, as one of Europe's leading real estate players, creates new opportunities and even better conditions to give us a flying start in establishing a more diversified real estate portfolio, says Per Taube, founder and main owner of Arlandastad Group via Gelba Management.
Arlandastad Group's property operations include everything from land acquisitions, planning processes, concepts, leasing and construction, all the way to management or divestment. The model is applicable in many places and Arlandastad Group intends to switch up both the activity in the Arlandastad area and identify new large projects.
- Arlandastad Group and Per Taube as main owners have shown that they are a strategic partner regarding the development around Stockholm Arlanda and thus major infrastructure projects. SBB, which is Europe's leading owner of social infrastructure, expects to contribute with new infrastructure and property development expertise to further strengthen both the Stockholm region and other strategic locations, says Ilija Batlijan, CEO of Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden AB.