Yesterday, acquired 610 059 shares in Entra. Following the acquisition, Balder owns a total of 61 320 119 shares in Entra, corresponding to 33,67% of the number of shares and votes.

In light of the above, Balder intends to submit a mandatory offer to the remaining shareholders in Entra within four weeks. The mandatory offer must at least correspond to the maximum that Balder has paid for shares in Entra during the past six months. Balder has paid a maximum of NOK 202.5 per share following adjustment for dividend which were paid in October 2021.

"Balder has previously communicated that we prefer Entra to continue to be listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. This is still our opinion, but at the same time we wish to increase our ownership interest in Entra, why we now intend to submit a mandatory offer," the company states in a press release.