Ida Aaal Gram is appointed Group CEO at Aspelin Ramm.

"At AF Gruppen, we work continuously to development leadership and we have a culture of combining continuity with providing responsibility and opportunities for our new leaders. We thank Sverre for important contributions in the company's development since 2007 and Ida for excellent leadership over the past five years, and wish both of them the best of luck with future opportunities," says Amund Tøftum, CEO of AF Gruppen.

AF is a project-based contracting and industrial group which maintains its seven operational business areas: Civil Engineering, Building, Betonmast, Property, Energy and Environment, Sweden and Offshore. At the same time, changes are being made within the various portfolios for some of the business areas. New group management in AF Gruppen consists of the following people from September:

# Amund Tøftum, CEO
Anny Øen, Executive Vice President Finance
Geir Flåta, Executive Vice President Civil Engineering and Property 
Bård Frydenlund, Executive Vice President Sweden and Betonmast 
Eirik Wraal, Executive Vice President Building, Energy and Environment
Tormod Solberg, Executive Vice President Building
Lars Myhre Hjelmeset, Executive Vice President Offshore

Anny Øen is new to the Corporate Management Team and has worked in AF Gruppen for the past 13 years. She comes from the position as finance director and has worked as group accounting director. She has a background as group accounting manager and controller at Reitangruppen, finance manager at Rema 1000 and senior associate at PWC. Øen has an advanced degree in economics from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and MBA Audit from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).

Lars Myhre Hjelmeset is new to Corporate Management Group and has held key positions in AF Gruppen since 2003. He comes from the position as managing director of AF Offshore Decom, and has experience as financial director at AF Offshore Decom and business developer in the Group. He has a degree in economics from BI Norwegian Business School and is CEFA (Certified European Financial Analyst) from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).