Niam is one of the largest fund managers in the Nordics and has made large investments in Norwegian properties for several years. Now the Norwegian team is growing through the recruitment of Morten Roland and Bjørn Olav Smørgrav, both with extensive experience in transactions, management and financing. Roland and Smørgrav today run Led Management, which in recent years has had a close strategic collaboration with Niam, before that both were active in Arctic Real Estate Development and DNB Markets. Morten Roland assumes the role of country manager and Bjørn Olav Smørgrav is hired as Associate Director, starting in January 2023.

"With Morten Roland in charge of Niam's Norwegian operations, we have good conditions for continued growth in Norway. Niam has significant investment capacity and the Norwegian market is an important part of Niam's Nordic funds," says Rikard Henriksson, Managing Partner at Niam.

"Bjørn Olav and I look forward to an even closer collaboration with Niam from the turn of the year and together with the rest of the Norwegian team we will do several exciting deals in the future. Niam has a strong brand and an impressive professional system with quality at all levels. We are a good match – our market knowledge combined with Niam's network of investors and funds to be invested," says Morten Roland.