Peab will build the new Eidet School on Vatneeidet in Ålesund which will be an elementary, middle and high school that will house around 500 students. The project entails new construction of around 6,900 m2 with surrounding grounds. The school will replace three existing schools, a high school and two elementary/middle schools in the towns of Tennfjord, Eidsvik and Vatne. The existing schools on Vatneeidet and the nearby art center Eidet will function as usual throughout the construction period, which requires good planning and close communication with the customer and schools.

“Building schools is some of the finest work we do. I’m very pleased that we can continue to use our craftsmanship and expertise, which is a result of our extensive experience in school projects,” says Kjetil Nordang, Region Manager Peab.

“We look forward to getting a new and modern school and working together with Peab,” says Hanne Helgesen, Project Manager at Ålesund kommunale eigedom KF.

The project is a turnkey contract and construction will begin in at Easter 2023. The new school will be entirely finished by the start of the fall term in 2025 but middle school grades will already move in at the end of 2024.

The project will be order registered in the fourth quarter 2022.