After more than three years as HusCompagniet’s Chief Financial Officer (Group CFO), Mads Dehlsen Winther has decided to seek new opportunities. He will stay onboard until a successor is found to ensure a smooth transition. 

“Mads has been of great importance for not only HusCompagniet but also for myself as CEO. It has been a pleasure to work with Mads, but I respect his decision to seek new challenges and I wish him all the best,” says Martin Ravn-Nielsen, Group CEO of HusCompagniet. He continues: 

“Mads was instrumental when we went public at Nasdaq Copenhagen in 2020, and he has been an important part of building our market leading position. We have jointly defined the strategy of the company and with Mads’ important work, HusCompagniet stands as a strong company with a healthy financial foundation and a solid administration as a data-driven and professional organisation in the single-family houses industry. Even in the currently challenging market, Mads has contributed to ensuring that HusCompagniet remains a healthy and profitable business. With our solid foundation I am confident that a new CFO will strengthen our development and potential even further.”

Mads Dehlsen Winther, who joined HusCompagniet in 2019, has decided to seek new challenges. The process of finding the right successor has now begun. Mads Dehlsen Winther will stay with HusCompagniet until his replacement is found to ensure a smooth transition to the future Group CFO. 

“During my three years at HusCompagniet we have been through a tremendous development where we despite challenges have succeeded in showing constant care. Besides the public listing of the company, we have clearly shown HusCompagniet’s strength as a professionalised, data-driven and digitalised company and a marked leader in the Nordics. It has been an exciting journey and I want to thank great colleagues, the Board of Directors and Martin for our great partnership through the years. HusCompagniet is a strong and healthy company, and I am confident that HusCompagniet will continue the work and maintain the position as the Nordic market leader. I am looking forward to my future endeavours following the transition” says Mads Dehlsen Winther. 

The Board of Directors thanks Mads Dehlsen Winther for his work.

“I want to extent a sincere thank you to Mads for his commitment and strong effort at HusCompagniet since 2019. With his dedication, Mads has alongside Martin had an instrumental and determining role in developing HusCompagniet to have the strong market position we hold today and on behalf of the Board of Directors I wish him all the best on his further journey when he leaves the company in 2023” says Claus V. Hemmingsen, Chairman of the Board.