Schage Eiendom is looking for a new manager and has engaged the recruitment company Visindi to look for relevant candidates.

Managing director of the company Egil Svoren has himself taken the initiative to prepare a change of management in the company. Chairman Knut Schage has engaged Visindi to lead the work for the board.

"After almost 30 years in the company, it is time to release new energies. I think the timing for a change of management is good. Schage is an exciting company with two of Oslo's finest office properties in the portfolio. We have been through major development projects in recent years, and not least in a demanding time with a pandemic and war in Ukraine. Now the company has the opportunity to think anew, and further change its course somewhat. Not least by using the expertise it has, in partnership with others, when looking for new opportunities. This has been a process over time that has been well prepared together with the board and owners," says Egil Svoren.

 The owners of Schage Eiendom Sollerud Holding AS (Knut Schage with family) and Beetle Invest AS (Bjørn Schage with family) have at the same time an ongoing ownership process where a new holding structure and a separate ownership strategy are being established. The objective is to rig the company for good ownership in a structure where the next generation and the individual owner gain influence in Schage Holding AS. Something that opens up a future where Schage Eiendom is one of several businesses of Schage Holding.

"We are looking for a person who can set the commercial direction for Schage Eiendom in today's market, and at the same time see and exploit opportunities that come. The main focus will be value creation in Schage Eiendom. At the same time, we want a person who can lead and inspire our talented employees," says chairman Knut Schage.

"An important task is to stabilize and equip Schage Eiendom to stand solid financially with its large properties and to strengthen its position as an important real estate player in the industry. An important factor is to look for the scope for optimal solutions in a more demanding market," says Knut Schage.

In recent years, Schage Eiendom has carried out Strategy Schage 2.0, where the main focus was to strengthen the large cash flow properties in Oslo. Schage's two office properties Skøyen Atrium and Stortorvet 7 will provide a stable cash flow of more than NOK 300 m in annual rental income.

"This is an opportunity for someone who wants to continue an exciting company with good and long-term owners", says Egil Svoren. "It has been a privilege to work at Schage Eiendom and it has given opportunities to create projects that mean something, both for the place they are located and for the users. In addition, there is a great group of 12 colleagues who are constantly developing and who want to achieve things together", concludes Svoren.