It has been announced that Logicenters has signed a lease agreement with Vinhuset Vestby Logistics Park in the Oslo region. The long-term lease agreement is for 17,800 sqm in one of Logicenters’ newly developed properties in Vestby, Stormåsan 42. Vinhuset will lease the entire property, totalling 17,800 sqm. The plot as a whole measures 27,000 sqm.

Since 2018, NREP Logicenters has developed a total of 135,000 sqm of BTA logistics buildings in Vestby, spread across sites measuring 260,000 sqm.

NREP Logicenters has leased out all its property in Vestby and is now on the lookout for new development opportunities in the region.

The lease was signed just before the end of the year, but for the sake of employees and customers has not been made public until now. 

The property will be very well adapted to Vinhuset's operations and equipped for future growth. The building will have a clear environmental profile, certified BREEAM Very Good. Solar cells will be installed on the roof and there will be a charging station for electric trucks and cars.

“We would like to thank NREP Logicenters for ensuring that everything ran smoothly up to the signing of the lease and we look forward to moving into an efficient new, modern building adapted to the future and our needs at the end of the summer. It was important to us to find a building with an excellent environmental profile with solar cells on the roof and the opportunity to charge electric trucks. The choice of Vestby as our location was a natural one as several of our partners are located in the area,” says Stig W Jørgensen, CEO at Vinhuset.

“NREP Logicenters is happy to be adding Vinhuset to our portfolio. Vinhuset and NorgesGruppen are companies with very similar values to NREP when it comes to sustainability. It was our ambition to achieve BREEAM Excellent, but that was not possible since there has been cultivated land on the site in the past. We are committed to connecting with solid growth companies and it is our strategy to be a growth partner for our tenants,” says Ruben Krantz Kringstad, Commercial Manager with responsibility for leasing and commissioning of new builds at NREP Logicenters.

Vestby Logistics Park is strategically located alongside the E6 motorway en route to Oslo. The area also has excellent transport links thanks to its proximity to the ports in Moss and Göteborg. 

Logicenters’ existing tenants in Norway include Schibsted, HeltHjem Netthandel, New Wave Morgenlevering, Oda, Coop, Maske, Malomo 3PL, Foodbroker, Domstein, Barnas Hus, GPA, Movement, NTEX, Filetfabrikken, Andvord and Prime Cargo.