Mikael Åslund comes most recently from the role of Business Unit Manager JM Property Development and has been employed at JM since 2000. He has a Master of Science degree from Luleå University of Technology and has completed the Master of Science program at the Stockholm School of Business. Mikael resides in the Stockholm region.

“The board of JM and I are very pleased that Mikael Åslund has accepted to lead JM forward. Mikael Åslund has many years of both operational and strategic experience within JM and has a solid knowledge of JM’s core business and market conditions,” says JM’s Chairman of the Board Fredrik Persson.

“I am grateful for the board’s confidence and look forward with humble enthusiasm to the opportunity and responsibility to lead JM. After many years of experience working in the company in various positions, I have a good understanding of the company’s conditions. I am very much looking forward to continuing to develop the company and create long-term value for JM’s shareholders together with all my colleagues,” says Mikael Åslund.