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"Will have interesting discussions next quarter linked to acquisitions"

Sweden Sweden — 2023 has been a gap year for Klarabo, due to the turbulence experienced by the market and the outside world. The company already started measures in 2022 to get through the concern that has spread around the world. Klarabo has put growth on hold and basically paused all new production in favor of working with organic growth, through investments in its own stock. Andreas Morfiadakis, CEO of Klarabo, is satisfied with the financial results.

Klarabo appoints interim CFO

Sweden Sweden — Klarabo has appointed Urban Ottosson as interim CFO. Urban has extensive experience in the role of CFO in several publicly traded companies such as Hexpol, Ependion (Beijer Electronics), Lammhult Design Group, among others.

"We Will Have Organic Growth through Our Existing Portfolio"

Sweden Sweden — Klarabo's CEO Andreas Morfiadakis on the rent potential in the company's portfolio, why Klarabo is well-positioned for tougher economic times despite a direct return of 3.9 percent and about the future demand for residential.

Klarabo Makes Record-Breaking Acquisition from Niam

Sweden Sweden — Klarabo has signed an agreement to acquire a housing portfolio from Niam in Östersund with a total of 877 rental apartments. The acquisition was completed at an underlying property value of SEK 890 million and is Klarabo’s single largest acquisition as a listed company.

Klarabo Is Strengthening its Organisation

Sweden Sweden — Klarabo has recruited Kristin Lundmark as its interim Sustainability Manager. She will take up the position in mid-August 2022.

Klarabo Receives Land Allocation in Northern Sweden

Sweden Sweden — KlaraBo has received a land allocation at Anderstorg in Skellefteå. The area has a completed zoning plan that allows construction of approximately 10,000 sqm of BTA, or the equivalent of approximately 130 rental apartments.

Klarabo Acquires Residential Portfolio in Umeå

Sweden Sweden — Klarabo acquires a residential portfolio in Umeå of a total of 126 rental apartments with an underlying property value of SEK 175 million. The total area amounts to approximately 8,700 sqm and the portfolio will be taken over today.

Here Are Klarabo’s Targets After the IPO

Sweden Sweden — CEO Andreas Morfiadakis: “To take the next step, we need access to more…”

Klarabo Intends to List Its Shares on Nasdaq Stockholm

Sweden Sweden — Klarabo announces its intention to complete a listing of the Company’s B-shares on Nasdaq Stockholm. In connection with the listing, the Company intends to complete an offering to the general public in Sweden and institutional investors in Sweden and abroad.

Klarabo and Kuststaden Merge to form New Company

Sweden Sweden — KlaraBo merges with Kuststaden through a share exchange where shareholders in Kuststaden receive newly issued Series B shares in KlaraBo. Together, a pure residential property company is formed with a total property value of just over SEK 6 billion and over 5,000 apartments in management. Access is planned for June. In parallel, KlaraBo continues with the preparations for the planned IPO.

After Klarabo's SEK 1 Billion Residential Purchase: ”We Still See Interesting Opportunities”

Sweden Sweden — Klarabo’s CEO Andreas Morfiadakis on how the latest acquisition came up, the IPO plans and future investment targets.

Klarabo Makes Large Acquisition in Trelleborg

Sweden Sweden — Klarabo has signed an agreement with Trelleborgshem for the acquisition of 27 properties with 807 rental apartments and associated premises. The acquisition is made at an underlying property value of approximately SEK 1 billion. In connection with the acquisition, Klarabo raises SEK 330 million through a new share issue.

Klarabo Buys in Central Helsingborg

Sweden Sweden — Klarabo has signed an agreement to acquire 74 rental apartments in Tågaborg in central Helsingborg. The portfolio was built in the early 1950s and comprises just under 5,100 square meters of lettable area at a rental value of approximately SEK 5.4 million.

SBB in Major Transactions

Nordic — SBB carries out several major stores, both acquisitions and sales, in Sweden and Norway. At the same time, the company is conducting targeted issues of D shares.

SBB Sells Building Rights to Klarabo

Sweden Sweden — SBB sells building rights for construction of rent regulated residential housing to a development company jointly owned with Klarabo. After completion, Klarabo will acquire the properties at market value.