This is how the merger will make new Besqab market leading in Stockholm

Sweden Sweden — Aros Bostad and Besqab are to be merged. The vision for the new company, which will be named Besqab, is to become a leading housing developer in Greater Stockholm and Uppsala. "I am proud to have received the question," says new Besqab's future CEO Magnus Andersson. But what happens to the current CEO, Carola Lavén, is still unclear.

Aros Bostad makes bid for Besqab

Sweden Sweden — Aros Bostadsutveckling makes a recommended bid for Besqab. The offer is not in cash but means that the two listed companies will merge. The offer is worth 1.04 shares of ordinary shares and 0.07 preferred shares in Aros Bostadsutveckling for each share in Besqab. The board of Besqab unanimously recommends the shareholders of Besqab to accept Aros Bostad's offer.

CBRE IM acquires residential asset from Aros

Sweden Sweden — CBRE Investment Management, on behalf of a fund sponsored by the firm, has acquired a residential asset in Täby, Greater Stockholm, Sweden, from local developer, Aros Bostadsutveckling.

NCC builds apartments for Aros outside Stockholm

Sweden Sweden — NCC, in partnership with Aros Bostadsutveckling AB (Aros Bostad), is to construct 170 rental apartments in the third phase of the new Invernesshöjden residential block in Danderyd, north of Stockholm, Sweden. The order value is approximately SEK 300 million.

Aros Bostad Appoints David Johansson as Deputy CEO and COO

Sweden Sweden — Aros Bostad appoints David Johansson for a new role as responsible for the company’s project operations. David Johansson starts his position on 24 April 2023 and will be part of Aros Bostad’s management team as deputy CEO and COO.

NCC and Aros Bostad Create Residential Units in Stockholm

Sweden Sweden — NCC has been commissioned by Aros Bostad to build 213 rental apartments in Järva Krog adjacent to NCC’s head office in Stockholm. The project is a turnkey contract in partnering form with an order value of approximately SEK 400 million.

Aros Bostad Acquires Company to Strengthens Presence in Attractive Area

Sweden Sweden — Aros Bostad has acquired the company LS Slakthusgränd AB from LaTERRE Ventures AB and Stackelberg Holding AB. The company acquisition is part of the strategy to continuously acquire more attractive project opportunities for Aros Bostad's building rights portfolio.

Aros Bostad in Final Negotiations for the Major Sale

Sweden Sweden — Magnus Andersson, CEO of Aros Bostad: “We expect to be able to close the deal during the second quarter.”

Alm Equity Sells a Building Rights Portfolio and Becomes Large Owner in Aros Bostad

Sweden Sweden — Alm Equity and Aros Bostad have signed a letter of intent and are creating one of Greater Stockholm's largest housing developers. Alm Equity sells a project portfolio of 1,600 building rights to Aros Bostad with payment in shares and thus becomes large owner in the company.

Aros Bostad Buys Building Rights

Sweden Sweden — Aros Bostad has acquired a part of a large development area in Åkers styckebruk, Strängnäs Municipality. The acquisition comprises 20 building rights for detached houses, and the right to acquire another 40 building rights.

NCC Sells Land in Solna to Aros Bostad

Sweden Sweden — NCC sells land in Järva Krog, Solna, to Aros Bostad for approximately SEK 260 million. The purchase includes development rights corresponding to about 190 new residential units that Aros Bostad will construct with NCC as the turnkey contractor.

Aros Bostad Acquires Uppsala Residential Property

Sweden Sweden — Aros Bostad has acquired a property in Bälinge, Uppsala, with the possibility to develop ca 200 new residential units.

CBRE Global Investors Acquires Stockholm Residential Portfolio

Sweden Sweden — CBRE Global Investors, on behalf of one its pan European Funds, has agreed a forward commitment purchase of two residential projects in Stockholm from local developer, Aros Bostadsutveckling.