"Couldn't decline being CEO of Jernhusen"

Sweden Sweden — A recruitment firm contacted Biljana Pehrsson about the CEO assignment in Jernhusen, an offer she simply could not refuse, she tells Nordic Property News. Here she also talks about the short but challenging time at Nordr and why the top job at Jernhusen attracts her so much.

Biljana Pehrsson appointed new CEO of Jernhusen

Sweden Sweden — The board of Jernhusen has appointed Biljana Pehrsson as the company's new CEO. Biljana Pehrsson most recently comes from Nordr and has many years of experience in the property industry. She will take up her position in mid-August at the latest, and will succeed Kerstin Gillsbro who, after 13 years as CEO, will leave her position in the spring of 2024. At the same time, Nordr has appointed Mårten Othérus as the new acting CEO of Nordr Sweden.

Biljana Pehrsson: "It's the team"

Nordic — After many years as CEO on the commercial side, Biljana Pehrsson somewhat unexpectedly took over the CEO position at Nordr in Sweden. Why did she choose to go that way? What lessons and experiences from the years at Kungsleden can she take with her into her relatively new assignment? From the stage at Fastighetssverige's event Stora bostadsdagen, Biljana Pehrsson talked about the first time at Nordr and what she still has to learn in the housing segment.

Nordr aims high for the expansion of Folkhem

Nordic — Recently it became clear that Nordr is buying out the joint venture they had with Rikshem. Rikshem wanted to focus on rental properties, and for Nordr's part, they saw an opportunity to take the wooden house business out to wider market. Biljana Pehrsson, CEO of Nordr Sweden, says that the purchase is a way to expand in a way that others have not done.

Nordr acquires Folkhem from Rikshem

Sweden Sweden — Nordr is taking a big step towards becoming a leader also in the sustainable development of wooden apartment buildings by acquiring all the shares in Folkhem. The ambition is to increase Folkhem's presence in Nordr's main markets in Sweden and Norway – Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Oslo, Trondheim, Stavanger and Bergen.

The Costs of Castellum's Management Changes

Sweden Sweden — Castellum is currently looking for its third CEO after Henrik Saxborn's successors Biljana Pehrsson and Rutger Arnhult left the post at the beginning and end of 2022, respectively. The company has gone through a number of changes in the leading chairs in the past year and based on the annual report released earlier this week, Nordic Property News can tell you how much more the company paid out to its CEO:s and deputy CEO:s in 2022 compared to the more quiet 2021.

After the Castellum Exit: Here Is Biljana Pehrsson's New Assignment

Sweden Sweden — Biljana Pehrsson tells Nordic Property News why she chose to join Nordr, the offers she received after leaving Castellum, and the major challenges ahead.

Castellum’s New Chairman: “Very Sad that it Turned Out like this”

Sweden Sweden — New Castellum Chairman Per Berggren tells Nordic Property News about the schism behind the change in CEO, the chairmanship of Castellum and the view of Rutger Arnhult's various roles and ownership interests.

Biljana Pehrsson Resigns as Castellum CEO – Rutger Arnhult Takes the Helm

Sweden Sweden — The Board of Directors of Castellum has appointed its current Chairman Rutger Arnhult as CEO of Castellum, taking office and replacing Biljana Pehrsson with immediate effect.

Castellum Divests Properties for SEK 2.4 Billion

Sweden Sweden — Castellum is divesting Högkvarteret 1 and 2 in Helsingborg to Intea. The sale price is SEK 2.4 billion less overheads and deferred tax totalling approximately MSEK 120.

Castellum’s Focus with the New CEO

Sweden Sweden — After the completion of Castellum’s acquisition of Kungsleden, Biljana Pehrsson has now taken the helm as CEO of Castellum. She tells Nordic Property News about Castellum’s focus going forward and the plans for the integration of Kungsleden.

Biljana Pehrsson Takes Office as Castellum CEO – Ylva Sarby Westman New Kungsleden CEO

Sweden Sweden — The Board of Directors of Castellum has appointed Biljana Pehrsson as President and CEO of Castellum AB. She will take office today, 8 December. In addition, Ylva Sarby Westman, Deputy CEO and CFO of Castellum, takes the helm at Kungsleden.

Kungsleden's CFO Leaves the Company

Sweden Sweden — Magnus Jacobson has decided to leave the position of CFO at Kungsleden after slightly more than two years with the company.

Kungsleden Relocates to New Head Office

Sweden Sweden — Kungsleden moves their HQ to their property Rotterdam 1 in Värtahamnen in Stockholm.

“Our Core Markets Remain Very Strong”

Sweden Sweden — Kungsleden’s CEO Biljana Pehrsson on the Q4 results, the company’s investment pace and why the Swedish market is viewed as a ”safe haven” to invest in.

Kungsleden’s CEO Biljana Pehrsson Proposed as New Board Member of Swedbank

Sweden Sweden — Swedbank’s Nomination Committee proposes Kungsleden's CEO Biljana Pehrsson as a new board member of Swedbank. The election takes place at Swedbank's Annual General Meeting on 26 March.

Kungsleden Adds New Player to Management Team

Sweden Sweden — Kungsleden has recruited Anna Trane as Head of Communications and member of the company's management team. Anna Trane joins Kungsleden from NCC, where she is Director and Head of Corporate Media Relations.

The Real Estate Giants: "The Transaction Market Cannot Be Hotter"

Sweden Sweden — Sven-Olof Johansson, CEO of Fastpartner, Biljana Pehrsson, CEO of Kungsleden and Bo Wikare, Vice President of Hufvudstaden, on which investment opportunities are available outside Stockholm and why more and more foreign investors are looking at Sweden.

European Fund Makes Acquisition In Sweden

Sweden Sweden — In a sale and purchase agreement with the European property fund Kildare Partners, Kungsleden is selling 18 industrial and warehouse properties in 13 municipalities at a total sales price of MSEK 882 (EUR 81M) before deduction for deferred tax.

Kungsleden Divests the Remaining Share of NMG to Inter Ikea Investments

Sweden Sweden — Kungsleden divests its remaining share of Nordic Modular Group, corresponding to 34.5 percent of the shares in the company, to Inter Ikea Investments. The price relates to a valuation of the company at SEK 1.45 billion (€ 160 M). The transaction allows Kungsleden to free net liquidity of SEK 330 million (€ 35,73 M).

Kungsleden Acquires Properties for SEK 3 billion

Sweden Sweden — Kungsleden acquires four properties on Gärdet-Frihamnen and one in Hammarby Sjöstad, both Stockholm city districts, for SEK 3 billion. The leasable area totals 96,000 sqm. Djurgårdsstadens Fastigheter AB is the vendor.

Kungsleden Acquires Four Properties From Alecta

Sweden Sweden — Kungsleden acquires four properties in the growth regions Jönköping and Malmö with a total leasable area of 24,000 sqm to the price of MSEK 385 (€41M).