Biljana Pehrsson leaves the role as CEO of housing developer Nordr Sweden, and has previously been CEO of Kungsleden and Centrumutveckling and, among other things, board member of Einar Mattsson and East Capital Baltic Property Fund. She has also been a board member in the state-owned real estate company Vasallen. Current board assignments include Swedbank and the Royal Dramatic Theatre.

"We are very happy to be able to welcome Biljana Pehrsson to Jernhusen. She is a strong, driven and well-reputed leader with extensive experience from the property industry. This means that she is well equipped to shoulder the responsibility for Jernhusen's development where we continue to create profitable and sustainable growth with the aim of contributing to increased travel and freight transport by rail," says Anette Asklin, chairman of the Jernhusen board.


Jernhusen is Sweden's largest commercial property company close to the railway and works to manage and develop the stock of properties close to the railway in order to sustainably create the conditions for collective travel and freight transport by rail. The company is 100 percent owned by the state.

"I feel proud and honored to have received the board's trust to step into the CEO role at Jernhusen. It is a company with a historical heritage, high ambitions and a strong driving force for the future development of station areas and other properties close to the railway. I can state that I am coming to a well-run and successful company with great breadth, which I am really looking forward to being a part of," says Biljana Pehrsson.


Biljana Pehrsson took office as CEO of Nordr Sweden in August 2022 and will take up her new position at Jernhusen in mid-August 2024 at the latest.


At the same time, Nordr has chosen to replace Biljana Pehrsson with Mårten Othérus, who has been appointed acting CEO of Nordr Sweden. Mårten Othérus has been a manager in various positions within Nordr (formerly Veidekke Bostad) since 2005. He comes most recently from the roles of head of investments and the Southwest region, and has also been head of the Stockholm region.

"Mårten is one of our most experienced leaders. He is very familiar with both business and operations and is well equipped to lead Nordr in the next step," says Nordr CEO Andreas Martinussen in a comment.