MKB Acquires from Jernhusen in Malmö

Sweden Sweden — MKB acquires properties in Malmö to develop 600 new apartments.

Jernhusen Sells to Intea in Kristianstad

Sweden Sweden — Jernhusen has signed a deal with Intea Fastigheter regarding the divestment and cooperation for the continued development of land near the central station area in Kristianstad. The goal is to develop a center for law enforcement agencies.

Big Step for Groundbreaking Swedish Technology

Sweden Sweden — Jernhusen expands their cooperation with Bumbee Labs and installs flow measurement technology in all of Stockholm's central station. Bumbee Labs' CEO Karl Samuelsson tells Nordic Property News about the deal, the technology's significance for cities and real estate owners of the future and the company's plans for a European expansion.

Fabege Makes Several Acquisitions in Solna

Sweden Sweden — Fabege is on the move in Solna. The company has bought stakes to become the majority owner in Friends Arena. At the same time Fabege closes a deal with Peab to buy properties in Ulriksdal aswell as Visio.