The area around the central station in Gothenburg is being developed to meet the needs of a rapidly growing region and city. When the new station building, which has been named Gothenburg Grand Central, is completed it will be the entrance to the new city district Centralstaden. An attractive hub and meeting place will be created here to encourage more people to use public transport in a safe and sustainable urban environment.

"The new station building will be used by passengers and visitors from the West Link and all of western Sweden. As a local community builder in Gothenburg we're proud to continue to contribute to the development of the region," says Stellan Haraldsson, Region Manager Peab.

The station building will be 15,000 m2 and readily identifiable in the city with a classical design in a modern form. The facade will be built in 100 percent recycled brick, the interior of the station will be spacious and the entrances opening in several directions will be easy to find. On the upper floor of the station will house offices certified according to BREEAM Outstanding, a level of certification that only one other building in Gothenburg currently meets. 

"We at Jernhusen are pleased to finally get started with the construction of this important addition to Gothenburg Central Station. We’re making it easy for passengers and residents from all over the region to choose the train and be able to move smoothly from the station to the next stop. We have high expectations for everything from architecture to climate footprint and sustainability," says Caroline Ahrnens Martin, Regional Manager at Jernhusen.

The project is clearly focused on sustainability and a minimal climate footprint. For example, the station building's frame and joists are mostly made of wood, and the project also will also use ECO-Betong (ECO-Concrete), recycled steel and other materials with less climate impact as far as possible.

The project is a turnkey contract in partnering. Construction will begin immediately and the station sections will be ready when the West Link station Centralen opens. The rest of the building will be finished in the first half of 2027. This construction contract has been preceded by a so-called phase 1 contract which signs Peab on to, together with the customer, map out an optimized product with the right quality as well as handle risks and uncertainties. Now the project is moving on to phase 2 which entails signing a construction contract.

The project will be order registered in the third quarter 2024.