Kerstin Gillsbro has informed Jernhusen's board that, by her own decision that has matured, she wishes to leave her role as CEO of the company. Kerstin Gillsbro has acted as Jernhusen's CEO since November 1, 2010. She will remain with the company until spring 2024 and the board has begun the process of recruiting a successor.

"As Chairman, I would like to express my and the board's warmest thanks to Kerstin for her invaluable work at Jernhusen. I particularly want to highlight her ability to focus and successfully steer towards the company's strategic goals. It has been fantastic to work with an individual and CEO who has such empathy and the ability to create trust and confidence both internally and externally. I wish Kerstin the best of luck," says Anette Asklin, Chairman of the board for Jernhusen.

During 13 years of management by Kerstin Gillsbro, Jernhusen has gone from a management to a developing company, which has created profitable growth through the sustainable development of station areas and railway-related properties. The strategic leadership has made a difference both for the company's conditions for growth and for cooperation with both the industry's players and the company's customers.

With Kerstin Gillsbro as CEO, the company has created a competent organization with a long-term management perspective that has completed several large development projects. Over the years, Jernhusen has also been awarded employer of the year on several occasions and the company has grown into a business-like organization where sustainability permeates all operations.

"I am extremely grateful for the trust I have received from the board and the employees to jointly implement our strategy that has brought us to where we are today. We have made a fantastic journey both in administration and in our development portfolio, all with the aim of increasing collective travel by rail. I am leaving a stable company well equipped to continue making a difference for people and the environment," says Kerstin Gillsbro, CEO of Jernhusen.

Jernhusen's board has started the process of recruiting a successor.