MKB acquires a property in Ellstorp at Värnhemstorget and Östervärns station in Malmö. The company is thus acquiring the conditions to build up to 600 new apartments. It will be an urban development project in a public transport location that is also about developing the area around Östervärn.

The transaction is carried out as a corporate transaction and requires the development of the area to be completed with mixed forms of lease. EIA will therefore carry out area development together with other players.

"We want to collaborate with other players and develop the area in Ellstorp. So we can continue to meet the need for more rental rights while giving the area good conditions for mixed buildings with different forms of lease," says Gunnar Östenson, business development manager and deputy CEO of MKB Fastighets AB.

The property has been acquired at an underlying property value of SEK 166 million and access is expected to take place in 2021. The seller is Jernhusen.