"Couldn't decline being CEO of Jernhusen"

Sweden Sweden — A recruitment firm contacted Biljana Pehrsson about the CEO assignment in Jernhusen, an offer she simply could not refuse, she tells Nordic Property News. Here she also talks about the short but challenging time at Nordr and why the top job at Jernhusen attracts her so much.

Biljana Pehrsson appointed new CEO of Jernhusen

Sweden Sweden — The board of Jernhusen has appointed Biljana Pehrsson as the company's new CEO. Biljana Pehrsson most recently comes from Nordr and has many years of experience in the property industry. She will take up her position in mid-August at the latest, and will succeed Kerstin Gillsbro who, after 13 years as CEO, will leave her position in the spring of 2024. At the same time, Nordr has appointed Mårten Othérus as the new acting CEO of Nordr Sweden.

Biljana Pehrsson: "It's the team"

Nordic — After many years as CEO on the commercial side, Biljana Pehrsson somewhat unexpectedly took over the CEO position at Nordr in Sweden. Why did she choose to go that way? What lessons and experiences from the years at Kungsleden can she take with her into her relatively new assignment? From the stage at Fastighetssverige's event Stora bostadsdagen, Biljana Pehrsson talked about the first time at Nordr and what she still has to learn in the housing segment.

Nordr aims high for the expansion of Folkhem

Nordic — Recently it became clear that Nordr is buying out the joint venture they had with Rikshem. Rikshem wanted to focus on rental properties, and for Nordr's part, they saw an opportunity to take the wooden house business out to wider market. Biljana Pehrsson, CEO of Nordr Sweden, says that the purchase is a way to expand in a way that others have not done.

Nordr acquires Folkhem from Rikshem

Sweden Sweden — Nordr is taking a big step towards becoming a leader also in the sustainable development of wooden apartment buildings by acquiring all the shares in Folkhem. The ambition is to increase Folkhem's presence in Nordr's main markets in Sweden and Norway – Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Oslo, Trondheim, Stavanger and Bergen.

Nordr Buys Malmö Project

Sweden Sweden — Nordr acquires Skimra, one of the most talked about projects in central Malmö. Nordr takes over the progress of the project from Cormac with the ambition of completion in 2026.

Nordr Sold Residential Units worth NOK 700 Million in Q1

Nordic — Nordr sold 121 homes (89 net) worth NOK 700 million (500 million net) during the first quarter of the year. The sales value amounted to NOK 570 million in Norway and 130 million in Sweden.

Veidekke Signs Contract with Nordr and Selvaag Bolig for Residential Project

Norway Norway — Nordr and Selvaag Bolig have awarded Veidekke a new commission in the Lille Løren Park project in eastern Oslo. Now the second stage of construction will be built comprising 99 eco-certified apartments in two blocks with underground parking. The contract is a design and build contract valued at around NOK 300 million excluding VAT.

Nordr to Build Residential in Farsta

Sweden Sweden — Nordr has been selected by the city of Stockholm for a land allocation for approximately 100 condominiums in Farsta in southern Stockholm. Detailed planning work will begin in autumn 2022.

After the Castellum Exit: Here Is Biljana Pehrsson's New Assignment

Sweden Sweden — Biljana Pehrsson tells Nordic Property News why she chose to join Nordr, the offers she received after leaving Castellum, and the major challenges ahead.

Nordr Fires Swedish CEO

Sweden Sweden — Leif Danielsson leaves his position as CEO of Northern Sweden with immediate effect. According to the company, the reason is lack of results and insufficient progress in the business. Pål Aglen takes over as acting CEO of Northern Sweden.

Why Martinussen Leaves Solon for Nordr

Norway Norway — Takes the helm in the pan-Nordic residential developer after his second spell at Solon Eiendom. “Ambitious owners and great potential.”

Andreas Martinussen Appointed CEO of Nordr

Nordic — Andreas Martinussen has been appointed CEO and will lead the continued development of Nordr.

Nordr and NCC to Construct Apartments Outside Stockholm

Sweden Sweden — NCC, in partnership with Nordr, is to construct approximately 170 tenant-owner apartments in Veddestaden, Järfälla Municipality. The project is a turnkey contract with an order value of approximately SEK 300 million.

Baard Schumann Steps Down as Nordr CEO

Norway Norway — Baard Schumann has resigned as CEO of Nordr due to a different view of corporate strategy.

Reasons Behind Schumann's Resigning from Nordr

Nordic — “It is of course sad to not be part of the continued journey ahead.”

Veidekke to Build for Obos and Nordr

Norway Norway — Veidekke has been awarded the contract by OBOS and Nordr to build the first 67 apartments with accompanying parking facilities in the Løren botaniske residential project in Oslo.

Leif Danielsson Named COO of Nordr Sweden

Sweden Sweden — Leif Danielsson switches positions from Business Area Manager to COO for Nordr Sweden.

Baard Schumann on Search for New Swedish CEO and the Start for Nordr

Nordic — Nordr CEO Baard Schumann steps in as CEO of Nordr Sweden as Per-Martin Eriksson leaves company. Baard Schumann tells Nordic Property News of the change, the search for a new CEO in Sweden and of the first time for the new company.

Divestment of Veidekke Eiendom Completed – the Company is Renamed

Nordic — Veidekke completed the sale of its property development operation to the consortium comprising Fredensborg AS, Fredensborg Bolig AS, Norwegian Property ASA and Union Real Estate Fund III Holding AS. In line with the agreement entered into on 16 June 2020, Veidekke has received a consideration of NOK 7.1 billion on a debt-free basis. After the sale the Veidekke Eiendom is renamed Nordr.