“We are pioneers in offices and want to create a new, innovative showroom that can inspire customers, investors, employees and visitors. In relocating, we are ensuring, together with our tenants, that Värtahamnen is developed into a creative hub and attractive business district,” says Biljana Pehrsson, CEO of Kungsleden.

The new head office will cover 1,400 sq.m. featuring areas for spontaneous meetings in several different lounges and pocket parks. There will also be special areas for work requiring concentration, a light therapy room and a yoga room. The office has a water view and a south-facing terrace.

Kungsleden’s investment is part of the project to develop The Rotterdam District concept into modern and flexible office environments. The Rotterdam District comprises approximately 21,000 sq.m. of leasable office space. The project also comprises a restaurant and possibilities for a café or convenience store. There are good connections by public transport and car to the new business district.

As a result of this agreement, the project has achieved an occupancy rate of approximately 75 percent and Kungsleden plans to move into the building in 2021. In addition to Kungsleden’s head office, EasyPark’s Swedish office is already in the project.