Time for Trianon’s Next Step

Sweden Sweden — The Malmö-based company Trianon's CEO Olof Andersson tells Nordic Property News about the record acquisition, what happens now that the company has reached its goals ahead of time and if he looks over the strait to make a first acquisition in Denmark.

Why International Investors Look to Finland and Denmark

Nordic — Mikael Söderlundh, Head of Research and Partner at Pangea, tells Nordic Property News how the disarray in the world benefits on the Nordic real estate market, how Brexit affects the transaction volume and the advantages that Finland and Denmark have when foreign investors select regions.

Conversions – An Ongoing Trend in Denmark

Denmark Denmark — Dennis Nielsen, Head of Refurbishment at NCC in Denmark, tells Nordic Property News why conversions from offices to hotels is a trend in Copenhagen.

The Key to the Quick Transaction

Denmark Denmark — The consultant Nordicals has just sold an investment property in central Copenhagen. The property has been on the market in two years without a final sale. Nordicals made the deal – in just two weeks.

The Main Challenges in the Nordics for Helaba

Nordic — The German Bank Helaba appointed Birgitta Leijon as new General Manager of the company’s Stockholm branch. Leijon tells Nordic Property News about her view on the current market and the differences between the Nordic countries.

"Most Other Segments Seems Overbought at the Moment"

Denmark Denmark — Søren Stensdal about the latest acquisition and what it takes to do relevant deals in Copenhagen.

After the Latest Acquisition – This Is What Henrik Lid Aims at

Denmark Denmark — The fund manager on the Danish real estate market and how much they want to invest in the country. "No help from significantly increased prices."

The Key to another Copenhagen Deal

Denmark Denmark — Heimstaden’s Tom Rasmussen on the explosive developments in Copenhagen, why they struck once again and how the transaction team guarantees more business in the future.

"Feels Almost like a Divorce”

Denmark Denmark — Niam's CEO Fredrik Jonsson on the breakup from the Country Manager in Denmark, his replacement Michael Berthelsen's most essential tasks and the biggest challenges in Denmark.

The Vision: Artificial Islands with 12,000 Workplaces

Denmark Denmark — The real estate giant comments on the Danish government's grand vision of the future south of Copenhagen – artificial islands. "Exciting development project".

Heimstaden Acquires in Copenhagen for EUR 66M

Denmark Denmark — Heimstaden has agreed to acquire the housing copperative Ringertoften, Copenhagen. The acquisition includes 411 apartments and two commercial premises, a total of about 23,720 square meters of rentable area.

Technopolis Expands to Denmark

Denmark Denmark — Technopolis is opening a new coworking space in downtown Copenhagen in September 2018.

C.F. Møller Wins at Mipim Awards

Denmark Denmark — C.F. Møller Architects receive the Mipim 2018 Award for ‘Best Healthcare Development’ for the Maersk Tower in Copenhagen.

Danish Shopping Center Grows by 70,000 square meters

Denmark Denmark — The Fisketorvet shopping center in Copenhagen gains another 15,000 square meters of shops and 55,000 square meters for office and hotel areas.

Jeudan Buys Iconic Property in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — Jeudan purchases Kronprinsegade 4-6 for EUR 11M.

Heimstaden Continues to Grow in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — Heimstaden, through its Danish subsidiary Heimstaden Danmark A/S, has entered into an agreement to acquire housing in the Valby district of Copenhagen.

Capman Acquires Office and Retail Property in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — Capman Nordic Real Estate II fund has bought KAB's headquarter building in central Copenhagen. KAB will stay in the property during the development of their new headquarter building.

Wihlborgs Buys in Lund and Copenhagen

Nordic — Wihlborgs opened the year with the acquisition of two properties in Lund and two in the Copenhagen area.

Nordea's Former Headquarters Become Hotel

Denmark Denmark — Copenhagen municipality is currently altering the detail plan for ATP Ejendomme to be able to reconstruct Nordea’s former headquarters by Knippelsbro to a hotel.

NCC to Build for Danica in Tuborg

Denmark Denmark — NCC has been commissioned by Danica Ejendomsselskab to build rental units at Bakkedraget by Tuborg Havn marina, Copenhagen. The order is worth EUR 63M. 

2E Group Sells Apartments for EUR 58M

Denmark Denmark — 2E Group has completed their first large divestment ever in the form of 230 apartments and townhouses in Greater Copenhagen.

Citycon Acquires Part of Shopping Centre

Denmark Denmark — Citycon has acquired the second and the largest part of the shopping centre Straedet in Køge in the greater Copenhagen area for approximately EUR 60M.

Heimstaden Buys in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — Heimstaden has, through its Danish subsidiary Heimstaden Danmark A/S, entered into an agreement to acquire a real estate project in Copenhagen.

Heimstaden Continues to Buy in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — Heimstaden, through its Danish subsidiary Heimstaden Danmark A/S, entered into an agreement to acquire an ongoing construction project in Copenhagen.

NCC to Expand the Falkoner Center

Denmark Denmark — NCC is to refurbish and expand the Falkoner Center in the Frederiksberg district of Copenhagen. It involves a turnkey contract and the order is worth just over EUR 67M.