Admiral Capital Purchases Property in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — Admiral Capital acquires a property at Krystalgade 3 in Copenhagen for DKK 39.25M (€6,26M).

Aberdeen Purchases High Street Property In Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — Aberdeen acquires the high street property at Frederiksberggade 17 in Copenhagen for €6,4M (DKK 48M).

JM Divests Property in Enghave, Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — JM has agreed the sale of its property Enghave Brygge, in Copenhagen. The sale amounts to €31 M (290 MSEK).

Balder Acquire Residential Project in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — Swedish listed property company Balder acquires a residential project from Skanska in Copenhagen for approx. €136M.

Novozymes to Establish a New Innovation Campus in Denmark

Denmark Denmark — Novozymes plans a new research center in Lyngby with space for 800 employees. The ambition is to create a global hub for biotech research and business development.

Postnord Rents 19,000 sqm in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — Postnord Denmark will during the summer of 2016 move their Postcenter in Copenhagen to Høje Taastrup where they rent 19,000 sqm in a property owned by Carlsberg.

Copenhagen To Challenge Stockholm

Denmark Denmark — With their new business and growth politics, Copenhagen’s municipality wants to create 20,000 new jobs in the private sector and establish as well as maintain 4,000 jobs in foreign companies before 2018. Copenhagen wants to pick up their lagging behind Stockholm.

Postnord Divests Danish Headquarters

Denmark Denmark — Postnord, leading supplier of communication and logistic solutions to, from and within the Nordic region, divests their Danish headquarters as well as a letter terminal in Copenhagen for MSEK 1,152, approximately €124 M.

ELF Development Purchases in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — ELF Development purchases Njalsgadekomplekset in Copenhagen from Taekker Europe and Fontaine Partners for MDKK 340 (€45M).

Castellum Purchases in Copenhagen

Denmark Denmark — The Swedish listed real estate company Castellum purchases three properties in Copenhagen through daughter company Briggen. The investment reaches MSEK 417 (€43,7 M).