Hemsö makes acquisition in Helsinki

Finland Finland — The City of Helsinki has chosen Hemsö in a public procurement for the acquisition and re-development of Vallila Primary School, which will accommodate 350 pupils from grades 1 to 6. The City will sell the existing school building to Hemsö. During the spring, Hemsö and the City will sign a 20-year lease agreement regarding the school’s 3,500 square meters.

Hemsö and Senate Properties have signed a 15-year lease agreement

Finland Finland — Hemsö and Senate Properties have signed a new 15-year lease agreement comprising 31,000 square meters for the judicial administration's existing premises in the Helsinki Court House in Salmisaari.

Hemsö signs lease contract with City of Turku

Finland Finland — Turku International School is relocating to Hemsö’s property in the Kupittaa neighbourhood. The City of Turku has signed a 20-year lease agreement.

Hemsö signs new lease in Gothenburg

Sweden Sweden — Hemsö has signed a 15-year lease with the school group Academedia for the rental of the Odin School in central Gothenburg.

Hemsö develops new school in city centre of Helsinki

Finland Finland — Hemsö has been awarded a lease agreement by the City of Helsinki in a public procurement. The city will rent premises for two upper-secondary schools for the arts in Helsinki. An extensive redevelopment will be carried out on the property at Siltavuorenpenger, which Hemsö acquired in 2021. The lease agreement has a 15-year term, and the lettable area is 5,000 square metres.

Hemsö's shareholders help finance investments in schools and nursing homes

Sweden Sweden — Hemsö’s shareholders make an equity injection of SEK 1.0 billion.

Hemsö acquires school in Gothenburg

Sweden Sweden — Odinsskolan is a historic school building in central Gothenburg with an attractive location. The building has a lettable area of approximately 4,000 square meters and the investment amounts to approximately SEK 170 million (approximately EUR 14 million).

Hemsö Develops New Preschool Property in Helsinki

Finland Finland — Hemsö is developing a preschool in the Herttoniemi district of Helsinki. A 25-year lease has been signed with the City of Helsinki.

Why Hemsö Stands Strong in Challenging Times

Finland Finland — Jarkko Leinonen, Head of Finland at Hemsö: “We have deals in pipeline, so overall it is business as usual for us in Finland.“

Hemsö Acquires Hospital in Kouvola

Finland Finland — Hemsö has acquired the Kymenlaakso Psychiatric Hospital in Kouvola, Finland, from Kymsote (joint municipal authority for Kymenlaakso social and health services). Kymsote will continue to run the hospital and has signed a 20-year lease agreement. The investment amount is EUR 13.7 million.

SBB Divests Three Project Properties in Sweden and an Office Property in Norway

Nordic — SBB is selling three project properties for community services in Sweden to Hemsö, whereby Hemsö will take over responsibility for financing the projects and an office property in Norway with partly public tenants that is sold to local investors.

Hemsö Develops Vänersborg's New District Court

Sweden Sweden — Hemsö develops the new District Court in Vänersborg. The lease agreement with the Swedish Courts Administration is for 15 years. The investment amounts to approximately SEK 300 million. Hemsö is carrying out the project in collaboration with Fojab.

Hemsö and Hoivamme Develop a Nursing Home Portfolio

Finland Finland — Hemsö has formed a strategic partnership with the Finnish care operator Hoivamme, which provides elderly care. Hemsö and Hoivamme have signed a framework agreement whereby Hemsö finances the development projects and will become the long-term owner of the properties. Hoivamme will sign 15-year leases for the completed properties.

Hemsö Acquires Minority Shareholding in University Properties of Finland (SYK)

Finland Finland — Hemsö is acquiring 1.53 per cent of the shares in University Properties of Finland Ltd and will become a minority shareholder. The investment amount is EUR 15 million, or EUR 389 per share.

Hemsö Acquires Another Nursing Home in Germany

Sweden Sweden — Hemsö is expanding its portfolio and acquiring a nursing home in Brandenburg an der Havel in Germany. The investment amount is EUR 19.8 million.

Hemsö Acquires Two German Nursing Homes

Sweden Sweden — Hemsö is continuing to grow in Germany and is acquiring two nursing homes in the state of Bavaria. The investment amount is EUR 26 million.

Great Opportunities for Finnish Community Service Property Investments

Finland Finland — Jarkko Leinonen, Hemsö’s Head of Finland: “The municipalities and cities in Finland are open for investors.”

Hemsö Acquires Nursing Home in Germany

Sweden Sweden — Hemsö has acquired a nursing home in Steinfurt in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The investment amount is EUR 11.9 million.

Hemsö Acquires University Asset in Helsinki

Finland Finland — Hemsö acquires a university property in central Helsinki for future development into modern training facilities. The property will be leased by the University of Helsinki until 2024. The investment amounts to approximately EUR 17 million and the seller is the University of Helsinki.

Hemsö Acquires in Uppsala

Sweden Sweden — Hemsö acquires a university campus in central Uppsala from Akademiska Hus for MSEK 714.

Hemsö Acquires Property for Establishment of Family Centre in Finland

Finland Finland — Hemsö is acquiring a property for conversion into a municipal family centre in Espoo outside Helsinki in Finland. The property will undergo extensive refurbishment, and a 10-year rental agreement has been signed with the City of Espoo. The total investment amount is approximately EUR 22 million.

The Long Negotiations Before the EUR 85 Million Deal

Finland Finland — Jarkko Leinonen, Hemsö’s Head of Finland, shares Nordic Property News an insight on the major Lahti investment that was announced last week, and how the new Finnish restrictions affects future deals.

Hemsö Acquires Campus Area in Lahti

Finland Finland — Hemsö acquires all buildings and ongoing projects within the Paavola campus area in central Lahti. The buildings will undergo extensive renovation and in addition new construction will take place on the campus area. The total investment amounts to approximately EUR 85 million.

Veidekke to Build New School in Trelleborg

Sweden Sweden — Veidekke has been commissioned by Hemsö to build the new Köpingeskolan in Trelleborg.

Challenges in the Community Service Property Segment

Nordic — Nils Styf, CEO of Hemsö: ”We are not affected by the global economy.”