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"There Is an Investment Need That You Should Do Something With"

Recently, Hemsö invested EUR 130 million in healthcare properties in Turku. Head of Finland, Jarkko Leinonen, tells Nordic Property News what is happening with the healthcare properties when the Finnish government has resigned due to a social reform.

Hemsö Invests in Turku Technology Properties

Hemsö is acquiring a property portfolio with eight nursing home and health care properties in Turku, Finland, as agreed in a previously announced letter of intent. Hemsö will simultaneously invest and acquire a 34.8-per cent stake in Turku Technology Properties (TTP). The total investment value is EUR 180M.

"Finns See More Risks than Opportunities"

Hemsö has gone on a real spending spree in Finland in recent months – purchasing a portfolio in Turku and the Helsinki Court House for a total of EUR 380M. Head of Finland Jarkko Leinonen tells Nordic Property News of the attraction of Turku, why he prefers to work for a Swedish company and what Hemsö is looking for now.

Hemsö Invests in the Gothenburg Region

Hemsö has acquired a school in Kungälv and a retirement home in Mölndal. The investment amounts to a total of SEK 105 million. At the same time, a letter of intent has been signed with the municipality of Kungälv regarding the acquisition of a property and project portfolio in the municipality.

Hemsö Owners Provide SEK 1 billion in Equity

Hemsö increased its equity in January 2019 by SEK 1 billion through shareholder contributions from the company’s owners, the Third Swedish National Pension Fund (AP 3) and AB Sagax. Participating interests in Hemsö were not impacted by the new capital.

Hemsö Purchases in Trelleborg

Hemsö acquires half a block in central Trelleborg consisting of three existing properties of 5,900 sqm and building rights of 15,000 sqm. The investment amounts to approximately MSEK 80.

Hemsö Acquires the Helsinki Court House

Hemsö is acquiring the Helsinki Court House for approximately EUR 200 million. The largest tenant is the Finnish state.

"Investors Focus Too Much on Helsinki"

Hemsö invests EUR 130 million in Turku. The company’s Head of Asset Management Finland, Jarkko Leinonen, tells Nordic Property News about the investment, the strengths of Turku and the benefits of expanding outside of Helsinki.

Hemsö in Transaction with the City of Turku

Hemsö and the City of Turku are preparing a transaction whereby Hemsö will acquire a property portfolio comprised of eight nursing homes and health care properties from the City of Turku in Finland. The acquisition cost amounts to EUR 130M.

Hemsö Acquires Two Nursing Homes in Turku

Hemsö is acquiring two nursing homes that are under construction in the Turku region of Finland. A 12-year lease agreement has been signed with the care company Esperi Care Oy for both of the nursing homes. The investment amount is MSEK 125 (EUR 12M).

Hemsö Makes Major Finnish Acquisition

Hemsö continues to make a mark on the Finnish market. On Friday they announced that they are investing MSEK 800 (EUR 80M) in an acquisition of three university properties, and renovation of one of the buildings. Jarkko Leinonen, Country Manager Finland at Hemsö, tells Nordic Property News about the significance of the acquisition, why they want to increase the amount of education properties and what the company's future in Finland looks like.

Hemsö Keeps Different Focus for Sweden and Finland

Hemsö's CEO Nils Styf tells Nordic Property News why they've acquired more in Finland and Germany and had different ambitions for Sweden - and where they will keep their focus during 2018.

Hemsö Acquires Nursing Home and Preschool in Espoo

The acquisition is being carried out under the framework agreement signed with YIT in June 2016. The purchase price amounts to approximately EUR 13M.

Hemsö Acquires Educational Property

Hemsö has acquired an educational property in central Helsinki with a lettable area of 6,200 square meters.

Hemsö Acquires new Mälardalen University in Eskilstuna

Hemsö is acquiring site leaseholds with associated project commitments to construct the new Mälardalen University in Eskilstuna city centre. The total investment amounts to approximately EUR 83M.

Hemsö Acquires Property Portfolio in Luleå

Hemsö has acquired five properties and been awarded a land allocation in Luleå. The total investment amount is approximately EUR 39M.

Hemsö Buys Nursing Home and Preschool in Finland

Hemsö has acquired a nursing home and a preschool under construction in Finland. The purchase price amounts to approximately EUR 13M.

Hemsö Divests Portfolio of 35 Properties

Hemsö has entered into an agreement to divest a property portfolio containing 35 properties in various locations across Sweden. The total sale price amounts to about EUR 153M.

Hemsö Acquires University Property in Vaasa

Hemsö has acquired the university property Academill in the Finnish city of Vaasa. The main tenant in the property is Åbo Akademi.

Hemsö Acquires Property Portfolio in Nacka

Hemsö has acquired a portfolio comprising a number of properties in Nacka Municipality in Stockholm. The investment totals approximately SEK 1.5 billion (EUR 155M).

Hemsö Purchases Property Portfolio in Luleå

Hemsö has signed a letter of intent regarding a property portfolio in Luleå of approximately 30,000 sqm.

Large Finnish Purchase for Hemsö

Hemsö has signed a framework agreement regarding the acquisition of a retirement home, shelters and pre schools mainly located in Great Helsinki and Tammerfors. The underlying property value amounts to 75 million euros.

Hemsö Acquires Retirement Home in Finnish Esbo

Hemsö acquires a property under construction in Esbo. The property is intended for a retirement home and rental units. The tenant for the retirement home will be the operator Mainio Vire, with a 15-year lease. The investment amounts to a total of about €29 M (MSEK 272).

Per Berggren Resigns As CEO For Hemsö

After six years as CEO for Hemsö, Per Berggren has informed the board that he plans on resigning at the end of the year. Berggren has committed to staying until a new CEO has been selected and present.

Hemsö Acquires Three Care Properties in Finland

Swedish investor Hemsö has agreed to purchase three elderly care home properties from Elo Mutual Pension Insurance for € 33 M.