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Stenvalvet Sells to the Swedish Fortifications Agency

Sweden Sweden — Stenvalvet has entered into an agreement on a real estate transaction regarding two properties in Eskilstuna, Vapnet 1 and Vapnet 2. The buyer is the Swedish Fortifications Agency and access is expected to take place in the spring of 2023.

Skanska Builds Office and Storage Facilities for the Swedish Fortifications Agency

Sweden Sweden — Skanska has signed an agreement with The Swedish Fortifications Agency to build offices, warehouses and workshops.

Where the Swedish Fortifications Agency Sees New Investment Needs

Sweden Sweden — The Swedish Fortifications Agency has increased its property portfolio through a couple of substantial acquisitions. After the three major purchases in Stockholm, Magnus Palm, Property Director at the Swedish Fortifications Agency, tells Nordic Property News about the investments, the impact of the current sitaution in the world, new acquisition opportunities and where expansion they see needs for expansion.

Balder’s Associated Company Trenum Sells Properties to the Swedish Fortifications Agency

Sweden Sweden — Both of the properties for police operations in Sörentorp that Fastighets AB Balder has managed since 2014 are now being sold to the Swedish Fortifications Agency.

Nyfosa Divests Property for MSEK 400

Sweden Sweden — Nyfosa has signed an agreement to divest the office property Skogskarlen 3 in Solna at a selling price of MSEK 400.