The neighbouring properties Solna Ulriksdal 2:1 and Sollentuna Helenelund 7:1 in Sörentorp comprise approximately 87 hectares of land and have been rented for many years by the Swedish Police Authority. The lease agreement includes land and about 40 buildings on a total area of about 48,000 sqm.

Balder has managed the properties since 2014 but now both ownership and management are being handed over to the Swedish Fortifications Agency. The Swedish Police Authority have been a continual tenant over the years and it is for their operations that the Swedish Fortifications Agency is acquiring both of the properties. The purchase price is SEK 1.8 billion and the date for taking possession is 1 July 2022.

“In light of the Swedish Fortifications Agency’s interest in our properties, as a part of Sweden’s investment in increased total defence capability and police operations, it was natural for us to make this sale,” says Erik Selin, CEO of Balder.

The Swedish Fortifications Agency is one of Sweden’s largest property owners and ensures that Sweden’s total defence capability has well-functioning land, facilities and premises for its operations. The Swedish Fortifications Agency owns regiment buildings, offices, training facilities, workshops, firing ranges, harbours, airports, underground facilities, and the areas of land upon which the Swedish Armed Forces conduct their training exercises.

Trenum is owned in equal shares by Fastighets AB Balder and AP3, the Third Swedish National Pension Fund.