On the property Vapnet 1 there is an office property of approximately 7,000 square meters. Vapnet 2, which is next door, is undeveloped and consists of parking spaces. The total purchase price is SEK 265 million. Today, the Swedish Fortifications Agency has its headquarters in Eskilstuna in Stenvalvet's property Vägbrytaren 1.

"The Swedish Fortifications Agency has been clear that they want to own the properties they use, which created the conditions for a good deal for both parties," says Maria Lidström, CEO of Stenvalvet.

"In order to meet the growth and increased security requirements, we are now taking an important step towards a new head office in Eskilstuna," says Director General of the Swedish Fortifications Agency, Maria Bredberg Pettersson.

The acquisition requires a government decision by mid-year 2023 at the latest.