Trianon Purchases Residential Properties in Central Malmö and Arlöv

Sweden Sweden — Trianon has signed an agreement for the acquisition of residential properties in central Malmö and Arlöv covering 19,700 square meters, distributed on 211 apartments with associated commercial premises. The agreed property value is SEK 400 million.

Trianon Buys Multihuset from NCC

Sweden Sweden — Trianon has signed an agreement to acquire the Multihuset project by NCC. The multihouse is located at Limhamn in Malmö and the acquisition has an underlying property value of MSEK 425.

Time for Trianon’s Next Step

Sweden Sweden — The Malmö-based company Trianon's CEO Olof Andersson tells Nordic Property News about the record acquisition, what happens now that the company has reached its goals ahead of time and if he looks over the strait to make a first acquisition in Denmark.

Trianon Makes EUR 85M Acquisition

Sweden Sweden — Trianon acquires eleven properties in Malmö from Willhem. The transaction price is MSEK 900 (EUR 85M).

Ikano Sells to Trianon and Heimstaden

Sweden Sweden — Ikano sells to Heimstaden and Trianon, which has signed an agreement to buy a property portfolio of a total of eight properties in Malmö and two properties in Lund. The portfolio comprises 388 apartments and a smaller number of commercial premises. The transaction price is EUR 69M.

Vasakronan Sells to Trianon

Sweden Sweden — Vasakronan has signed a deal with Trianon regarding the divestment of the Smedjan 13 and 15 properties. The purchase price amounts to EUR 9M.

Victoria Park and Trianon Acquire Housing Units in Malmö for EUR 80M

Sweden Sweden — Victoria Park and Trianon have signed an agreement to acquire a property portfolio of 722 flats and a small number of commercial premises, with a total lettable area of approximately 47,700 square metres. The properties are located in Lindängen, Malmö, and the acquisition will take place for an underlying property value of MSEK 795 (EUR 80M). The seller is Willhem and possession is due to be transferred on 1 March 2018.