The 53 properties has a total area of 150,000 sqm with an additional 680,000 sqm land. The annual rental value is MSEK 110 (EUR 10.5M) and the occupancy rate is 97 percent. The rental income is distributed over 124 leases and 82 tenants.
NP3 will issue new preference shares worth MSEK 304 (EUR 29M).
"The acquisition strengthens NP3 in the company's core market, northern Sweden. We estimate that other properties are easily managed and can bring new interesting business opportunities. From a financial perspective, the acquisition means that NP3's earnings are strengthened and that exposure to individual properties as well as leases decreases. The new issue of preference shares means that the company's equity is unchanged while reducing the dilution effect for shareholders,” says Andreas Nelvig, CEO of NP3 Fastigheter.