“Our existing spaces are no longer appropriate, and we see many advantages in moving the Group headquarters to our facilities that are fully adapted to our needs and working methods. With the new energy and space efficient facilities, we decrease our costs. SKF's global headquarters will also remain in the company's cradle in Gamlestan, Gothenburg, which feels great” says Christian Johansson, CFO of the SKF Group.
Many of the company's corporate functions are available today in Gamlestaden in Gothenburg, in the well-known yellow, tall building from 1967, as well as in one of the first factory buildings. Both buildings were sold in the early 2000s, and SKF has leased the premises since. The lease will expire in not too long, and the facilities are facing a significant renovation.
“We have evaluated various alternatives, but reusing and rebuilding the former central warehouse is the most beneficial. We utilize existing vacant premises, create new conditions for working across the company boundaries and stimulate effective collaboration and communication. Also, the building becomes more surface and energy efficient” says Christian Johansson.
The building will be ready for occupancy during the summer of 2020.