“We are very proud that ATP Ejendomme has chosen us for this exciting project. Our organization has exactly the experience and expertise necessary to handle an assignment of this size and complexity,” says Dennis Nielsen, Head of Refurbishment at NCC in Denmark.

The entire refurbishment and remodeling will give the fort-like building a more open and welcoming facade and turn it into Christianshavn’s new Hilton Copenhagen City Center hotel. Among other changes, a transparent extension will be constructed on the building’s concrete foundation, and a new, wide staircase from Knippel Bridge to the harbor promenade and the hotel restaurant.

“We’re pleased to have come to an agreement with NCC for refurbishing the Hilton Copenhagen City Center. We’ve had good experiences with NCC on earlier and ongoing projects, and consider them a competent partner in problem solving,” says Christian Hartmann, Head of Property Management at ATP Ejendomme.

“This is an incredibly exciting refurbishment that we’re looking forward to getting started with. Our collective expertise and experience will really shine through in this project. We’re pleased to have the chance to cooperate with ATP Ejendomme and Hilton, the future tenant,” says Karina Mary Andersen, Senior Project Manager NCC Refurbishment in Denmark.

Complex renovation projects of this kind are part of NCC’s core expertise. NCC already has a positive and productive collaboration with ATP on a similar major renovation project at Falkoner Center.

Construction is expected to begin during the summer, with completion planned for the end of February 2021. The project will be registered during the first quarter of 2019 in the NCC Building Nordics business area.