Together with Snøhetta, Ferd have developed a project to create sustainable housing, mood and experience. The project is named 'Lust'. Central to the project is Kringkastingshuset, which has the role of a gathering place for innovation and entrepreneurial activity and a meeting place for both the district and the city.

"Marienlyst will be central in the new Oslo, and the property has a history that commits. We will create a new district that unites the history of NRK with the knowledge environments around. We will help make Oslo an even greener, more creative and inclusive city," says owner and chairman of Ferd, Johan H. Andresen.

Ferd has worked with Snøhetta since autumn 2018 to develop ideas for the area. The project name 'Lyst' points back to Marienlyst, but also tells something about Ferd's ambitions for the area.

"Ferd wants to create a bolyst, mood and adventure desire at Marienlyst. Bolyst because we want to develop good homes and a living environment that people will enjoy in. Experience desire because we want to create a gathering point for the whole city. Creation enthusiasm because we want to create space for innovation, research and sustainable development based on the knowledge environments from Forskningsparken and Blindern and down towards Majorstuen," says Ferd Property Manager Carl Brynjulfsen.

Snøhetta, in collaboration with Ferd, has emphasized developing new and expanded use of the protected Kringkastingshuset, or the Lysthuset as it is called in the project. Here it will be facilitated for innovation and entrepreneurial activities, hotels, coworking and meeting places.

"This building has all the prerequisites for becoming an inclusive gathering point for the entire city. There is also important history in the walls that we will take good care of and develop further. We also want the protected parts of the building to be reused in a dignified manner, for example by renting out the old radio studios for podcast recordings and by Store Studio being able to continue to be an arena for music and culture," says founder and partner at Snøhetta, Kjetil Trædal Thorsen.

Ferd is a family owned investment company with a vision to create lasting values ​​and set clear traces. Property is one of five business areas in Ferd.

"We will use all our experience from long-term industrial ownership in established and newly started companies and property development to help ensure that this becomes the new district in Oslo," says Johan H. Andresen.

General manager Carl Brynjulfsen at Ferd Real Estate says Ferd will relate to the plan proposal that is adopted politically, both in terms of the number of homes and land use.

"We want to develop a new and green district with high ambitions for sustainable and green mobility solutions such as car and bicycle sharing, multi-use hall, kindergarten and good outdoor areas. We have an ambition to make the gazebo a powerhouse, a house that produces more energy than it uses. This will be a good place to live."